Immigration Solved!

American Axle & Manufacturing or Mexican Axle & Manufacturing ?

GM recently offered $200 to American Axle to end the current labor dispute.

American Axle’s response – they’re stalling.

Read Detroit Free Press article here…

American Axle currently employs some 3650 United Auto Workers. That means GM’s offer to settle is worth approximately $54,000 per worker. Mexican workers earn roughly $1-2 U.S. dollars per hour.

I guess GM’s offer was too low.

Can you keep up?

Soon illegal immigrants will be returning to Mexico for ‘American’ jobs.

Immigration problem solved. 

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One response to “Immigration Solved!

  1. This is ridiculous. American Axle simply wants out of the UAW contract. I say let GM take over axle manufacturing for their entire U.S. operation and send American Axle packing. Maybe they can turn some axles for that ‘Mexican Big Rig’ in your post 🙂

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