Ron’s Paul’s Campaign Quiet But Still Alive

Ron Paul’s campaign has been dormant for month’s.

With his nomination prospects all but obliterated, his loyal soldiers march on like loyal soldiers do. Just when you thought his ship was about to slip quietly below the waves, the world learns a plan is a foot.

The LA Times and other sources are reporting  that Paul’s campaign is planning a coup at the Republican convention, on the backs of disgruntled conservatives who would rather see anyone win the nomination and presidency but John McCain.

Thousands of Republicans have crossed over to vote for Barack  Obama and Hillary Clinton in the spirit of protest, with the right wing ‘Radio-tards’ like Rush Limbaugh urging them on.

The conservative suspicion of John McCain is undeniable, even at this late date.

The Paul plan is to fight a series of local battles with party establishment officials at the county and state conventions. Their ultimate goal is to take control of these local committees, and boost their delegate totals. Best case scenario it will work. Worst case, the Paul campaign will influence platform debates and eventually embarrass John McCain on the convention floor.

With all of the media coverage of Clinton vs. Obama, this may be one summer shocker that will go largely unnoticed until the Republicans meet in September.

Pretty typical of the Paul crowd to think they can pull this off. What may very well happen is that Paul will siphen off enough of the convention vote from McCain and further expose his weakness among main stream conservatives, thus hurting him in the general election.

I say great.

Ron Paul’s campaign and his supporters have been consistently short-sighted on almost every issue and strategy so far – including this one.

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