Girl Arrested In Texas For Inappropriate Prom Dress

A teen in Houston Texas, Marche Taylor, was arrested at her prom for making a fuss. What was this fuss you ask?

School officials deemed Taylor’s prom dress inappropriate and refused to let her into the prom citing school dress code. Taylor became angry, and understandably so, demanding why she was going to miss her prom over a dress? She even offered to cover up, but was still refused. When the argument escalated, someone called the police, and you guessed it…she was arrested.

Here’s the photo of her being escorted from her own prom…in cuffs.








Why not just let her cover up? Why not come to some reasonable compromise? Why go right to the ‘Brute Squad’?

This is another example of the continued and often unwarranted expansion of police power, coupled with an astounding lack of common sense at the hands of school administrators – not to mention a gross violation of freedom of expression.

What exactly was the ‘dress code violation’? No mid-drift showing?

Its okay for a young lady to show a bare back but not a bare belly? Bare legs are fine, but too much arm is a no no? 

You mean to tell me that it is okay for Miley Cyrus (aka: Hannah Montana) to pose semi-nude in Vanity Fair at age 15, which is a violation of state and federal law the last time I looked, but not okay for an 18 year old to wear haltar top and mini skirt to a dance?


Maybe Marche Taylor should try to score a Disney contract so she can wear whatever or as little as she wants.

What next, boys getting arrested for wearing their tie around their head during the prom while their dancing? Hey, thats a violation of dress code too. 

Only in Texas.

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6 responses to “Girl Arrested In Texas For Inappropriate Prom Dress

  1. Another dress problem….Keep in mind Monica Lewinski’s dress sold at a auction for 2.6 million. Maybe they should invite Bill to the prom.

  2. Frank,

    You’re brutal.

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  4. Tiffany C.

    I believe the young lady made a darring move and she had to pay for it. I work in the school system and there are dress codes enforced for prom. Point is that you must be tactful and mindful of policy. Yes, she looks great in it but was it worth it? What did her parent(s) say about this dress? They should’ve advised her on this.I guess a bought lesson is better than a told one.

  5. al metcalf

    Well, look, she was dressed like a hooker slut and do you think if she covered up she would have stayed covered up? No! It’s a damn high school not a porn fest and high schools can still have rules regardless of immoral liberal bastards such as yourself.

  6. I believe the school was clear as to what is appropriate and what is not at a school function. Sure, she could cover up at the door, but once inside, the cover comes off.

    But looking at the dress, school policy or no, this is clearly not something to wear to a classy function like a prom. It’s more appropriate for a club…

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