Why Does Hillary Persist?

Today’s headline on the Huffington Post reads “Is She… Praying For A Devastating Anti-Obama Story?… Convinced She’s Finally Hit Her Stride?… Physically Unable To Accept Defeat?…

Comment totals on the story are over 3900 – the highest I’ve seen in quite some time.

Centrist Democrats and all those running to the far left have been hammering Hillary Clinton for months now. It reminds me of that line from The Matrix…”Why do you persist Mr. Anderson?” In the movie, what Smith didn’t realize was that he had a fatal weakness. In reality, what Obama supporters don’t seem to realize, is that Obama could very easily lose this election…and lose big.

This is why Hillary stays in.

The weakness?

His skin color. I know this a taboo subject, but here goes.

Let me be clear. Obama is a gifted statesman, a brilliant orator, an extremely intelligent person with some exciting ideas. He loves his country, wants to correct the damage done by a two-term incompetent president, and to top the cake – I voted for him in the New York primary.

Enough said.

However, none of these things change the fact that he has consistently not won among rural white voters who are struggling financially. He attracts elitists Democrats, and black Democrats. He has not won among white women or men, he has not won among poor white voters, he has not won among conservative Democrats, and he has not done as well in primary states as Hillary. But most of all, America is still a closet racist nation, and Obama brings the wrong hue to the table for the majority of white people.

I hear it everywhere and from everyone including the my bus driver, my students, my grandparents, my in-laws, people on the street…

They all think he’s a good guy and smart, but they just don’t know if they can vote for a black president.

It doesn’t make sense, and no one talks about it, but its the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

These are the sad facts, and Hillary Clinton knows it.

Worse yet, in Mccain, you have a white Republican who can easily steal many if not all of those who voted for Hillary. Many of the people in that demographic vote Republican anyways.

The signs are subtle, but relevant.

When Obama campaigned in North carolina, his picnics looked like NAACP meetings.

In Texas, it was much of the same.

Then there’s the Rev. Wright flap.

Race, race, race.

The Clinton campaign’s only option at this stage of the game, is to take the fight to the convention. Granted, the notion that Hillary is going to try to run an insugency into the convention may seem foolish on the surface. When those tactics have been tried anytime since 1970, they have failed miserably (Reagan v. Ford, Kennedy v. Carter, Hart v. Mondale)

But this time may be different.

If Hillary Clinton’s campaign can convince enough delegates to just listen and consider the aforementioned facts, this race may be winnable. Of course everyone points to the delegate count, but Obama has not won the majority yet and it looks as though he will not until May 20th. Even then, delegates can change their mind anytime before the convention, or even during the convention.

When Obama locks this thing up and white America knows for sure it will be a minority Democrat vs. a white Republican, the poll numbers might very well shock the pants off of the very same people that are now clamoring for Hillary to get out.

Maybe that is the break she’s looking for. In the mean time, she’ll gobble up every delegate she can.

Thats why she stays in.

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