Huckabee Tasteless Joke to NRA Convention of Obama Avoiding Gun Shot

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was interrupted by a loud crash off stage last Friday as he addressed the National Rifle Association in Kentucky, commenting that the noise was Democratic candidate Barack Obama falling off a chair as he dodged a gun aimed at him.

“That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He was getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him, and he dove for the floor,” Huckabee told the NRA convention.

Are you kidding me?

Exactly how racist and overtly callous are the Republicans? I mean, its one thing for conservatives to laugh about Obama getting off-ed around the dinner table, its quite another to do it while speaking at one of the largest annual conventions in the country as it airs on CNN. 

Obama, who if elected in November would be the first black U.S. president, was campaigning in South Dakota on Friday when Huckabee made the comment. This type of violence potentially leveled at Obama has been a concern of many voters during this presidential campaign. Realizing this, Obama requested the U.S. Secret Service to protect him beginning in May 2007, the earliest a presidential candidate has ever received protection.

Huckabee later issued a statement saying he did not intend his “offhand remark” to offend the Illinois senator. “I apologize that my comments were offensive, that was never my intention,” he said.


A remark made about the only serious black presidential contender in the history of this Republic, getting greased at an NRA convention was offhanded? Call me kooky, but I’m guessing it was a remark that Huckabee was just itching to make in front of a friendly racist-conservative crowd. Its no mystery that white conservative Republicans basically yearn for the days of lynching at the hands of the Klan, so why is anyone surprised that Southern whitebred baptist, good-ole-boy, Arkansas’s favorite redneck son, Mike Huckabee made this comment?

I had a grain of respect for this guy at one time regarding his political skill and tact on the trail – not now. He crossed the line.

Obama should demand a public apology from Huckabee, and if he doesn’t get it, the progressive blogs and the Democratic party should make this statement from Huckabee a centerpiece of the Fall ad campaign.

No breaks on this.

I say beat Huckabee and McCain over the head with this at every turn, just like the Republicans did to Obama with the Wright controversy. If these jackasses want to play hardball, I say lets play.

How about this for a counter ad – a Photoshop enhanced picture of Obama with a stainless steel Mini-14 stuck up Huckabee’s ass, with his finger on the trigger?

Hey, if the Republicans bitch, Obama can just say relax, its just a little joke!

None of this can go unchecked. None of it. 

This comment was outrageous and made by a man who obviously is willing to tow the Republican, closet racist agenda, in a bid to be vice president.

His comment was disgusting and reprehensible, and I for one, expect a higher standard of public conduct from a minister.

Huckabee should be ashamed of himself.

Read the Reuters story here



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2 responses to “Huckabee Tasteless Joke to NRA Convention of Obama Avoiding Gun Shot

  1. Michael

    Are you serious? You’re talking about the Republicans being racist because Huckabee isn’t a comedian and yet you ignore all the other evidence of the media and Obama camp playing the race card?

    Can you just ignore your biases and look at the facts objectively? It’s kind of like the Washington Post assuming racism was involved when vandalism occurs at Obama’s headquarters…..

  2. Michael,

    “Huckabee isn’t a comedian…”

    Right! He’s a national political figure whose words and inuendo affect and even shape the national political landscape.

    You asked me to be objective and look at facts.

    To that point, I have written many posts on my old blog (Shaodow Democracy) that highlighted the intelligence and eloquence of Mike Huckabee on the trail. I even mention that in this post. I will try to post stories or links. That is a fact.

    Here’s another fact for you – Mike Huckabee appeared in front of one of the most conservative and politically agressive organizations in the country, that includes conservative anti-woman, anti-black hate-mongers like Ted Nugent within its ranks, and conveniently told a joke about Obama getting shot at!

    Are you kidding me, or not paying attention?

    That would be like you or I going in front the American Jewish Congress, and start cracking some knee-slappers about the holocaust.

    Give me a break. If you think Huckabee’s comments were appropriate, then you’re a racist too.

    And why the hell did you inject Obama and the race card into this by the way? Obama was the target of the comment? Huckabee stirred the race pot, not Obama (at least in this case).

    By the way, your Washington Post link supports my argument, thanks for that.

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