Todd Davis of “LifeLock” Gets Hit with Identity Theft

This has nothing to do with with politics at all, but I had to throw it into today’s mix.

Have you seen this guy on T.V. in the past year? His name is Todd Davis. He is the CEO of fraud prevention company LifeLock, Inc. Davis has been daring criminals to steal his identity for two years on the boob tube. He did this by giving out his Social Security number during commercials! It even appears on bill boards.

Something deep down (I’m an I.T. instructor by trade) told me this wasn’t a very good idea. Turns out it wasn’t. Davis’ identity has been stolen. 

Twenty people, so far, have obtained driver licenses with Davis’ Social Security number according his attorney. A person in Texas also received a $500.00 emergency loan in Davis’ name.

Customers in West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey are suing him.

Hey Todd, if you’re reading this, here’s a take-it-or-leave-it lesson for you – one of the best ways to protect yourself, is to keep your Social Security number to yourself, so guys like me can’t put it on their blog.

Todd Davis SSN 457-55-5462. Anyone can google it.

End of the lesson. 

I’ve always said, identity protection or theft is a matter of simple common sense or a lack there of, nothing more. This proves it.

Read the whole stoy at CNN here



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6 responses to “Todd Davis of “LifeLock” Gets Hit with Identity Theft

  1. Biz Mark

    I’d heard of their company and wanted to try, but clearly its a scam! Thanks for tiping me off!

  2. tom

    I used the company that exposed lifelock and like that my info has also been removed from many web search sites. Not like the lifelock guys

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  4. virginia johnson

    Why are banks and other institutions giving loans our to people using only their Social Security Numbers?
    This is why the banks are broke. They are still giving loans out to people with no jobs, no credit history, no drivers licenses and every other kind of warning signal.
    No problem’ the taxpayers will bail them out. Identity theft would be a LOT harder if the bankers and Govt. made it harder for people without 3 forms of identification to get credit.

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