Your Morning Cereal – Twin Girls Graduate Valedictorians

This story caught my eye because I am the father of twins.

Michelle and Erica Wheeler are twins as well, and have something else in common besides being twins. They managed to graduate as valedictorians. Both had perfect grade point averages.

 ”We’re attached at the hip,” Michelle joked.

 ”It’s easy to confide in each other,” Erica said. ”We can help each other through difficulties.”

Both girls took advance placement classes in English, science and calculus. They’re also active in Future Farmers of America, play softball – Michelle pitches and Erica catches, and lead the Leo Club as President and Vice President.

”You would love to have a classroom of 30 of them or 40 of them,” math teacher Laurie Stickel said. ”They’re good, wholesome kids.” 

”Together they’re brighter,” she said. ”They make a whole.”

 Erica agrees.

 ”I don’t feel the same if she’s not with me,” referring to her sister, ”but I know if I have her support I’ll be fine.”

Both plan to enroll at Washington State University in Pullman, study pharmacy and live in the same dorm. However, Michelle thinks they expect to be less involved in each others lives.

”Things will probably be different over there,” she said.

Good for them.

Read the story here

Original story published in Tri-City Herald website…you may have to search for it.


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