Your Morning Cereal – Some Tips When Applying to College

Here are a few tips for young students when applying to college:

1) There is no waiting list. Colleges operate with something more like a waiting ‘pool.’ If they are short in one particular discipline, they draw students from the pool in that discipline.

2) Never send anything to decision makers. Trying to impress college admissions personel with gifts is a no-no. At best this is bad taste, at worst, it is a gross ethical violation. Don’t do it.

3) Extra curricular activities matter. When applying, include everything about you. Church group, boy scouts, girl scouts, social clubs, sports, etc. Colleges are looking for well rounded Freshmen, not eggheads who wallow away their lives in dorm rooms with their noses buried in text books.

4) Finally, be patient. If you didn’t get into that high-priced first choice college, don’t worry. You can do your undergraduate work almost anywhere. Graduate school name recognition matters. Save your cash, its going to be a long war.


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