Study Says 1 in 3 Mom’s Getting it on the Side…

If you’re an American mom and you’re reading this, you or someone you know is having an affair.


Why do we know this? Cookie Magazine and “AOL Body” did a survey on mom’s and affairs. 30,000 people responded. The questions were aimed solely at married women with children.

Result – lots of mommies are getting action on the side.

The survey, “Sex and the American Mom,” revealed that 34% of all moms are in the midst of, or have already had an affair. When you think about it, the number seems staggering. But there are some things to consider. In the age of Botox, boob jobs, and ten-year-younger makeovers, older women (and some not so old), are looking younger, feeling younger, and acting younger. Couple this with men who tend to trade up when they’re around fifty, and cheat on their wives before they do it, you have a recipe for increased sexual activity among the mom crowd.

Another surprising number that came out of the survey is that 77% of the respondents said they want more sex – more than three quarters of the 30,000 women asked who said they aren’t getting enough. 

When the results of the survey were shared with some men, they joked about where they might find one of these women. A common response was, “Yes, I can understand that. I’m not in the mood very often and I’m probably not satisfying my wife’s sexual desires.” 

As a married man, I can assure you that marriage is a full time job. If you get lazy, you will pay the price. In this case, odds on bet is when men neglect their wives, their wives wander.

Read the Huffington Post article here



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2 responses to “Study Says 1 in 3 Mom’s Getting it on the Side…

  1. Don’t neglect and be a good husband and no one will have any problems =P ? Visit my site

  2. I am not sure how to take your post friend. Infidelity among men I am sure is equal or more when compared to woman. We really need to stop kidding ourselves in thinking that monogamy is a viable option for most people.

    Read the Huffington Post article?

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