Castro Endorsement for Obama









Source: Fox News Fair and Balanced !!!

The ailing 81-year-old former president wrote that Obama was “the most-advanced candidate in the presidential race,” but noted that he has not dared to call for altering U.S. policy toward Cuba.  Barack Obama’s willingness to meet Iranian, Cuban and other hostile leaders …..Does this worry you ??????????????

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4 responses to “Castro Endorsement for Obama

  1. You are clearly a conservative wonk troublemaker 🙂

  2. Bang on, bash the bishop this is balls!!!!

    1.)An overly studious or hard-working person
    2.)A persnickety person, overly focuses on details
    3.)A nerd or an expert

    P.s. I’ll take it clearly clearly you mean #1.

  3. Why should Obama’s willingness to meet with unfriendly nations worry us?

    The only other two options would be to isolate or attack an unfriendly nation. In the case of Cuba we can see isolation has been a total failure. I wonder what Cuba and it’s people would be like today if we had made an effort to work with Castro and normalize trade with them. The follies of using force to change the behavior of another nation should be apparent these days.

    Some would say we should not legitimize brutal dictators but of course we already do that (Sandi Arabia, Pakistan, Saddam’s Iraq, etc.) so why not Cuba?

    Calling Iran and Cuba hostile seems a little one sided since the hostilely is mutual.

  4. MJ good point. Hey wasn’t it a Cuban Cigar that Bill used in the Oval Office??? Look how far they have all ready come. :p

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