Another Gay Republican? Scott McClellan Seen in Texas Gay Bars?


Online investigative site is suggesting that former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan may be gay and was a regular at gay bars in Texas.  

Move Over Larry Craig!

Quoting an unnamed source, RawStory reported that McClellan visited an Austin, Texas gay bar on March 19, 1995. RawStory, has also outed other gay Republicans, and claims it’s source “reserved comment on whether McClellan was actually gay, but said he was frequently seen at gay clubs.” Another source confirmed McClellan was a regular at gay clubs in Austin where he lived.

“He was often seen in gay clubs in Austin, Texas and was comfortable being there,” the source told RawStory. “He’s been seen in places that normal people who are looking for heterosexual relationships are not seen alone.” RawStory also reported that there is a link between McClellan and the man who posed as a journalist. The man, said to be Jeff Gannon, had sent McClellan a wedding card when the Bush aide married. Gannon, who wrote for two conservative web publications, was exposed last week as J.D. Guckert. (story) The card to McClellan was apparently signed by Guckert. 

McClellan frequently defended Bush policies including the President’s push for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

In addition to posing as Gannon, Guckert operated several gay sex Web sites, some linked to hustling. 


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One response to “Another Gay Republican? Scott McClellan Seen in Texas Gay Bars?

  1. I had a dream…Scott McClellan attends Trinity United Church of Christ were Dr. Wright,Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama save him from the pulpit in there own little special way. LMAO

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