Ten Reasons Why Hillary Should be V.P.

1) Obama is going to be the target of intense Repuiblican swiftboating. Hillary has been through it, as has Bill. They can help Obama weather the storm

2) It will show that Obama is being truthful with his claims of reaching out and uniting the country. What a great place to start.

3) She puts white people on the board for Obama. He hasn’t done nearly as well with ‘white’ primary voters.

4) Bill “Mr. Popularity” Clinton will be on the trail.

5) She has fought to beat the odds and survive in spite of money issues, bad campaign management early on, and personal gaffs.

6) She can help steal a few Southern states (like Arkansas for instance). I’m not sure Obama can do that without her.

7) She’s a woman. Woman vote in larger blocks now than men. Just a fact of life.

8) More women are going to college now than men and are more likely to vote Hillary. Obama nets more college voters (good insurance). Just another fact of life.

9) Name recognition nationwide.

And number 10…

The two of them together would be a historic ticket. Say what you want, but Hillary has earned the V.P. spot. No other candidate could have done this well against Obama for this long. She deserves it. Besides, with the votes and a substantial delegate count behind her…she could will her way to the V.P. spot whether Obama likes it or not. 

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4 responses to “Ten Reasons Why Hillary Should be V.P.

  1. What about after the election? I think she would be a loose canon in a Obama adminstration. She has proved it’s more about herself then the party or the country.

    I think Obama can find someone who can attract poor working class white people and has no baggage. Obama being black and Hillary being herself makes a pair that will be to polarizing to some people.

    Maybe it’s time we stop picking people who would be the most electable and take a chance and choose someone because would be the best for the country. Times are a changing and the old style politics of rule by fear and division of Bush and now the Clintons need to end.

  2. MJ “revoltingpawn”

    Clinton’s? Loose cannon? I don’t think so. Bill Clinton was the epitome of discipline. What makes you think Hillary would waver from that?

    Stop picking people who are most electable? Sounds like a typical Democratic strategy to me. Snap defeat from the jaws of victory!!! I say lets win four elections in a row and worry about the rest later.

  3. I understand the win the election argument but damn can’t the people just wake up already? The Democratic strategy has been to pick the most electable and not take a chance with say a Howard Dean.

    Seriously, I think Hillary and Bill have different personalities. If Hillary was VP I won’t put it passed her to try to run again the next election.

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