Can Obama Deny Hillary Even if He Wanted To?

Increasing fears of a divided party have many Democrats, myself included, wondering if Obama can say no to a Hillary V.P. bid.

Obama and Clinton both have insisted the Democrats would unite once they have a nominee, but you can’t help but wonder. What if they don’t? 

Now that time has come, and while many analysts say Obama should put Clinton on his ticket, many Obama supporters say Obama needs to say no. To them it’s almost a personal thing. Actually, I believe it is a personal thing. 

Obama’s search for a running mate has begun. Former Deputy U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, Caroline Kennedy and Democratic insider Jim Johnson are on the vice presidential selection team, and their input will weigh heavily. Concern about possible division has surfaced because Clinton and Obama appeal to such different segments of the electorate. Clinton did well with working-class voters and the elderly. Obama was supported by affluent, well-educated voters, African-Americans and the younger generation.

Clinton won the big states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, she says are necessary in order to win in the fall. Obama won everything else. 

Exit polls throughout the primary season have indicated that a significant portion of Clinton backers would not vote for Obama if he were to become the nominee. Obama supporters said the same thing.

So what to make of all this? Well, the answer is simple really. Winning is everything – especially this time around. The only way to unite this party is to create the dream ticket. By doing so, you almost ensure a resounding McCain defeat. Hillary will split the rural and elderly vote with him, and Obama will mop up the rest (at least in theory).

But there is something deeper here.I quote Senator Obama…

“You think about all the people who had to knock down barriers for me to walk through this door,” he said. “And the challenges they went through were so much more difficult, so much more severe, and the risks they took were so much greater that I will say, last night standing in that auditorium, it struck me that it was testimony to them.”

Barack Obama has shattered the glass ceiling for African Americans, why not let Hillary do the same for women? he is a least as qualified or maybe more qualified than any of the other contenders. She brings the Clinton machine to the table, she is bright, and in spite of going from coronation to disintigration in one year, she has been a sport about losing.

I say give here a shot.    



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8 responses to “Can Obama Deny Hillary Even if He Wanted To?

  1. I say, give the old white man a shot. He’s the real candidate for change!

  2. Alfie

    If he “picks” her doesn’t that create problems too ? Right off the bat he loses some of that breakthrough stuff by accepting her ultimatum. That being the key imo. Hilary issued an ultimatum not an honest effort to heal the party.

  3. Ben Hoffman

    Because of Hillary’s demands to be VP, she’s created a situation where Obama is going to look weak if he makes her VP.

  4. Antenna Wilde

    “Dream Ticket”? It’s already proving not to be, isn’t it? Many Clinton supporters are saying they’ll vote for McCain. Get a soul. If that doesn’t throw integrity right out the window, just shoot me now.

    Look, Obama needs an old white guy. Sorry to sound blunt; bringing sex and race into it, but it wasn’t me that did so in the first place. We’ve learned that, however far the country has come (and congrats are in order) there’s still a bunch of racists and sexists. Fact number one.

    Second addition for the old white guy: he must be an ex-military man. Who better to stuff a rag in McCain’s pie hole than another military “hero”? (and btw, I don’t consider dropping bombs on women and children in Vietnam “heroic” —which there is plenty of evidence for)

    An old, white military man is the exact counter balance to Obama. Hillary is asking too much already, plus, she has the highest negatives of any political figure around. The Dems will lose a lot of Independents that way.

    Wesley Clark. Obama/Clark Ticket = Victory

  5. The Dude & Alfie,

    Yeah, you both have a point, but there’s a lot to said for unification and the larger good of the party. Lets face it, the Democrats will get more votes in November with Hillary on the ticket.

    As far as McCain goes, I can’t support him because he’s taken the idiot pill add endorsed Bush’s poison policies across the board. He was a great candidate in 2000, now he seems willing to sell out to get elected. I don’t like that.

  6. Antenna Wilde,

    I understand. But I disagree. Let me preface what I am saying to you, by letting you know that I do not support Hillary Clinton. I have been an Obama guy all along.

    However, the only way to prevent Hillary Clinton supporters fom voting for McCain is to bring them into the tent. I know this is hard for some people to swallow, but the hard fact is that Obama has not done as well as hoped among white voters. Your solution is Clark. We already tried Clark. He is uninspiring, old, and flat – kind of like McCain. Do you want the Republicans to neutralize the ‘old guy’ issue by letting everyone know we have our own old white guy who will take over if Obama becomes unable to continue in office????????

    As far as Independents go, I think in the long run, we are okay with Hillary. Everyone else the Dems can offer is just not dynamic enough. What do you think?

  7. It would also be nice to have Bill around in a jam. After all, the guy did do the job for eight years.

  8. HonestCA

    Don’t forget people vote for Obama for the future of the country, not for his personal happiness in the White House. Hillary will provide a great balance for his team. That is what majority of voters want. If Obama does not pick Hillary, it will provide a image of weakness.

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