BREAKING NEWS – Hillary to Stop Campaign on Friday

A top Clinton fundraiser said that Hillary will suspend her campaign on Friday.

Here’s the curious thing. Democrats are clamoring for Obama to add her to the ticket. She still has given no hint as to her plans, only that she would accept the VP if it was offered.

Why should she?

I say, give here some space, and let her absorb the defeat.

The primary season was long and hard…really hard. Hillary Clinton deserves to decompress for a few days, as does Barack Obama. She had a realistic shot at winning until about a month ago, yet people like Charlie Rangel are pressuring her to make a move yesterday. So we wait until Friday for the final word. Big deal. 

Everyone, especially Clinton supporters, needs to relax. The Democrats are in good shape for the first time in a very long time – too long.

Obama will do what is right, and if he has any sense, he’ll pick her as V.P.  

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4 responses to “BREAKING NEWS – Hillary to Stop Campaign on Friday

  1. I would say it’s about time Hillary suspended her campaign. She is only couple of months to late.

    I would say SOME Democrats want Hillary on the ticket. Obama needs to think real hard on his choice of VP and I am still not convinced she should be it.

  2. Couple of months? I don’t think so. If Obama goes with someone else, I think we lose and lose big.

    I’m telling you, her supporters will punish Obama. Obama needs as much help with the rural white vote during the general as he can get. The only other alternative is Evan Bayh as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Obama can pick someone else if Hillary will actively support him which will bring the party back together. Hillary may just want to be offered the VP slot for respect.

  4. Sure she wants it for respect! After working your ass off wouldn’t you? Don’t be brain washed by progressive radio Mike, you know better. Politics is like sausage, it can be very good, but you don’t want to see it get made. Hillary is a good pick…the best in fact. We’ll have to do lunch over this.

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