UK Newspaper Says that Obama Devising a ‘Dignified Exit’ for Clinton

A story appeared in the UK Telegraph, saying that the Obama is developing a strategy that would offer a ‘dignified exit’ for Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton will be offered a dignified exit from the presidential race and the prospect of a place in Barack Obama’s cabinet under plans for a ‘negotiated surrender’ of her White House ambitions being drawn up by Senator Obama’s aides.” It goes on to say, “The former First Lady would get the chance to pilot Mr Obama’s reforms of the American healthcare system if she agrees to clear the path to his nomination as Democratic presidential candidate.”

Hillary in charge of healthcare reform? As I recall, that didn’t work out to well in 1992. The article continues by saying:

“Despite pressure from some Clinton allies, Mr. Obama and his advisers do not wish to ask her to be his vice-presidential running mate. ‘They will talk to her,’ one Democrat strategist close to senior figures in the Obama camp told The Sunday Telegraph. ‘They will give her the respect she deserves. She will get something to do with health care, a cabinet post or the chance to lead the legislation through the Senate.’”
“Mr. Obama hinted at the plan last week. ‘One of my heroes is Abraham Lincoln,’ he said. ‘Lincoln basically pulled in all the people who had been running against him into his cabinet because whatever personal feelings there were, the issue was ‘how can we get this country through this time of crisis?’ And I think that has to be the approach that one takes.’”

This type of negotiating is common after a long and drawn out primary process, but what is Obama thinking? If his followers are even remotely worried that Clinton will be too powerful as Vice President, can you imagine the power she’ll wield behind the scenes with a cabinet position and a budget line behind her? 

Then there’s the money.

“Informal talks have already begun between Obama and Clinton fundraisers to discuss a merger, enabling Mr Obama to pay off Mrs Clinton’s campaign debts of $11 million.” The article continues, “Mrs Clinton’s aides, while acknowledging that she will have to abandon her White House dream, do not feel they are in a position to negotiate on her behalf. ‘She has not surrendered in her own mind yet and until she does it’s very difficult to have these conversations,’ the second strategist said.”

And the drama continues…

Read UK telegraph article here

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