Did Obama Save the Democratic Party?

Barack Obama is a dynamic figure and a wonderful orator. He inspires people and can work a crowd much the same way Bill Clinton did – and maybe better. But I feel there is something people are overlooking as Hillary fades away, and that is the general health of the party for the next twenty years.

Obama has brought in new recruits like no other candidate since John F. Kennedy, particularly young ones. During this primary cycle, more Democrats, in fact, more people have voted than ever before. This is also the first time young Americans have come out in record numbers – all to the Democratic side. Gone are the days of Al Gore, and John Kerry. These people were about as exciting as a tree stump, and the elections proved that out. Intelligence aside, if you can’t excite the crowd, chances are you’ll lose. How do you think Bush won twice?

It is my opinion that Obama has indeed saved the party.

But what Democrats need to realize now is that Hillary is a saving force as well. She has managed to possibly net the most votes of any female candidate of all time in a primary. She has also galvanized the female vote nationwide. The Obama vs. Hillary bickering really must stop.

It would be wrong for Obama supporters to reject Hillary and equally wrong for Hillary supporters to punish Obama by voting for McCain this Fall. This is no time for foolish games. We Democrats must consider what we have as a party, and work to sweep away the incompetence, as well those who endorse that incompetence, in the name of a better future for everyone. 

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5 responses to “Did Obama Save the Democratic Party?

  1. goodtimepolitics

    With all his friends in low places, are you kidding? http://goodtimepolitics.com/2008/06/05/scandal-threatens-presidential-race/

  2. Dilibon Kojak Brooklyn, NY

    The Democratic cannot be saved! This premary season has well brought a vast majority of new voters, excitement, new idealists, hopefuls and a sea of woman and older voters in both camps. Big cities like rural areas are affected by the Democrats’ message. All this is true because of the defects in the Republican brand this year! The arrogance of the neo cons will be paid dearly! However, the DNC cannot be saved by either Obama or Hillary. Since Obama is the presumptive or the defacto nominee of the party, hsi policies regarding increasing taxes on taxpayers making 150,000 dollars and above and to decrease tax rates on lower earning Americans or to pay back those making 50k or less will not work.

    His plan to overspent the Bush administraton will fail and the voters will make proper adjustments in 2 years in the election for Congress. All that if Obama reached hsi goals to become the first African American to become PODUS, which very unlikely! Since you have Obama ears, tell him to be more objective about protecting the borders against entry of potential terrorists and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants in our country before thinking of any general amnisty! Tell him to force able bodies to work! Tell him to balance is liberal policies in the sauce of some conservative views! Tell him to let the conservatives know about his stance on marriage, his own marriage with kids, not promoting abortion. As Clinton #1 said let it legal but rare! Tell him that getting our forces from Iraq must be done with care and wisdom! Tell him tha tbeing a friend of Irael does not mean to sell the Palestinians short by adopting more conservative views than GWB! Tell promoting women does not mean becoming an anti-man loco! Finally tell him that he is not only in it as a man but a representative of his race and our whole citizenry!

  3. goodtimepolitics

    I’m not necessarily talking “winning” here. If you read my recent posts on this, I think Obama has the potential to lose big. I’m talking about the influx of young people he has brought in that will be a factor in the future. To this point, the Democrats have really not recruited young white voters in large blocks. Obama has done that.

    P.S. McCain has some friends in low places we’ll learn about as well…trust me.

  4. Dilibon Kojak,

    All good and valid arguments. I agree with many of your views and not on others (not sure about spending more money though – W spent a ton of money…most in peacetime history…not sure Obama can match or beat that).

    I’m strictly talking about bringing in fresh meat due to his curb appeal. Obama has attracted a ton of young voters to the Dems that will influence and bolster the party for years to come. The Repubs did the same thing back in the 1980’s with Reagan.

  5. Dilibon Kojak…

    It kills me how people like you were silent when George Bush was setting records in spending but speak to say Obama will spend more then Bush. Based on what? Thanks for being a tool for right wing propaganda.

    I believe Obama when he says will set a time table to bring the troops home and just with that one act it will be impossible for him to out spend Bush during his term.

    The rest of your rant really did not apply to Obama. He does not “promote abortion” and he is not “anti-man”.

    “…that he is not only in it as a man but a representative of his race and our whole citizenry.”

    If you had ever read either of his books or listen to any of his speeches you would never had made that statement.

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