Chavez Says He Will Meet Next U.S. President

Long time Bush administration nemesis, Hugo Chavez, said Saturday he wants to work together with the next U.S. president. Specifically, he believes that Venezuela and the United States should cooperate to resolve problems including world hunger, energy shortages and climate change.


Of course we know that meeting won’t happen with John McCain, as he has adopted the draconian Bush position, that Chavez is an immediate threat to the U.S.

“Whoever is the next president of the United States, I’d like start preparing the way to start working together,” said Chavez.

Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he would meet with leaders of countries considered to be a “threat” to the United States, including Iran, Syria and Venezuela. Obama explained why he thinks it is important to meet with those leaders.

“The reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them  – which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration – is ridiculous,” Obama said.

John McCain’s position is the exact opposite. He has said Obama’s willingness to speak with the leaders of Iran and other US enemies shows Obama’s “inexperience and reckless judgment.”

He is specific on Iran.

“An unconditional summit meeting with the next American president would confer both international legitimacy on the Iranian president and could strengthen him domestically when he is unpopular among the Iranian people,” McCain said, according to remarks provided by his campaign. He added: “The next President ought to understand such basic realities of international relations.”

What McCain fails to grasp is that these “enemies” have become embolden as a direct result of failed U.S. foreign policy, and Chavez’s hatred of Bush. This hatred is shared among many world leaders including Putin. Chavez, if massaged the right way, can only help the U.S., especially in the area of energy policy. He is a dynamic force in Central America, and one of our major oil producers. 

In case you haven’t noticed, Chavez never comments on hating America, or Americans – only Bush. The same goes for Putin, Ahmadinejad, and others. Could it be that Bush and his poison policies are to blame?

I’m guessing yes.

Could it also be that these so-called “enemies” might not be enemies at all if it weren’t for the titanic stupidity of this administration? They might even be allies – perish the thought.

Moreover, do we want to elect a ‘Kennedy-like’ president who will sit down with his foes on the brink on war, or should we elect someone who wants to re-tread policies that have already been tried – and failed miserably? 

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2 responses to “Chavez Says He Will Meet Next U.S. President

  1. It must be a trick by Hugo Chavez since if we were to have a open dialogue with him it would of course result in appeasement and the shipping of nukes to him. In no time flat Venezuela would destroy us.

    Seriously, the coming Obama administration could be a fresh start on many different fronts.

  2. Oh I agree completely. He is definitely more of a threat than Saddam, who was basically a punk waving a shotgun. But this is how people like McCain think. Foolish…

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