Mid-Day Discussion – McCain and the Age Factor

Do you John McCain’s age should be a determining factor in the 2008 presidential election? Why or why not?


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5 responses to “Mid-Day Discussion – McCain and the Age Factor

  1. No, but I think it would behoove him to get a young, charasmatic, Vp to balance out the ticket…appeal to voters that age does matter too… and start building the future of a party who is quickly dying off OF old age.

  2. You may be right about the dying off thing, but the Republicans are resilient.

  3. Alfie

    If one really thinks about the answer can yes and no. People who dislike McCain may like looking at his age depending on the VP choice. In the simple spirit of the question I don’t think the age of one candidates should be seen as important any more than race.

  4. Alfie…

    I disagree that age is no more important then race. Which two people would be more different who have similar backgrounds and economic status? A black person as a opposed to a white person or a 75 yr. old as a opposed to a 25 yr. old. Never heard of generational differences?

  5. tim

    blk males in chicago have a 1 in 345 chance of being murdered by age 45, he’d be on borrowed time wouldnt he?……….though obama H B is only less than 1/2 black, many think he is black, so i guess he would be a risky pick for our country, also the last pres’s who died in office were dems, should these points also count?…also seeing as obama HB is 1/2 white i guess that would give him a few more yrs, statistically speaking, i guess we would also have to factor in arab male death rates too, since he is also part arab…….not to mention the fatwa issued on him by muslim extreemists after he denounced that he was muslim…..too too too risky…like michelle obama said, “my husband, because of his race, stands a chance of getting killed just going to the gas station” {i dont know which race she was reffering to, arab blk or wht}.if mccain does win, and god forbid he passed, the libs would win, theyd have their female president……..but the left is desperate they are reaching for anything, i think most libs hope/wish mccain would die….

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