Mid-Day Discussion – Republicans Block Unemployment Extension

What do think of Republican John Boehner leading the fight to block unemployment benefits extensions proposed by the Democrats, claiming that a “one size fit all” solution is foolish because unemployment isn’t a problem everywhere?

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8 responses to “Mid-Day Discussion – Republicans Block Unemployment Extension

  1. Alfie

    I saw a piece that talked up how a number of Republicans were going to vote for it. Same piece had a blurb about the “Blue Dog Dems” having an issue with it. Rep. J Cooper D TN being one of them voicing concerns over the pay go system.
    I think it should be a stand alone bill. Important pieces of legislation should have to stand by themselves.It’s sad that the two sides are willing to either play with soldiers or unemployed Americans lives.
    A return question I’d have is “Does a .5% jump need a full 13 weeks pay ? I guess that is an easy question from someone who isn’t in the 5.5%.

  2. Stephen

    Such as religion, there is a little good in everything and not one group or institution represents all my beliefs. I don’t consider myself a Democrat, Republican, etc. I was strongly leaning towards McCaine for the 2008 Election, but after learning how the Republicans are preventing me from receiving unemployment extension, I can’t belive that OBama may be my ticket this year. The rich can’t appreciate what a middle-class person must contend with when they can’t find a job no matter how hard they try, and keeping up with expenses. I have lost faith in our country to get us out of other countries and start investing in us, the American citizens. I am loosing everything and will be homeless 2 days from now. Thanks Republicans for putting us in war that kills our people and depreciates our economy.

  3. Alfie,

    What burned me up was Boehner saying he didn’t believe that high unemployment was an issue in all areas or in all states.

    Huh? Maybe not in Beverly Hills or The Hamptons or Cape Cod. But these other sreas are hurting: Philly 20%, Buffalo 17%, Detroit 20%, Cleveland 15%, L.A. County 4.95%, West Texas 7%. That seems everywhere to me.

    It is this type of narrow minded analysis and toying with people’s lives that upsets me. Blue og Dems may have been in the mix, but Boehner is the public face of this non-sense.

  4. Stephen,

    It must be tough. I have been in your shoes. Where do you live?

  5. I think he’s still a Boner. LOL I watched the House republicans today speak out wildly against giving “lazy Americans” more money, especially if they’ve “worked for only 2 weeks and are now getting 52 weeks of unemployment”. Oh please! They truly have no idea what they’re talking about. A Democrat stood up today to point out that if one works for 3 weeks and makes $1,000 in that time and then loses one’s job, the first unemployment check would be $108.00 and then all subsequent checks would be for $9.00! Yep, $9.00 a week for 52 weeks!

    Republics are out of touch. Let’s fire their asses this November!

  6. kayinmaine,

    Out of touch is the over-statement of the day! How could any of these people comment on umemployment when I’m sure they never applied for or collected unemployment in their lives. Talk about shielded from the middle class plight! In New York, you must work 20 weeks in a calendar period to collect at all!!!

    Boner (Oops) I mean Boehner, should be caned until he cries U-N-C-L-E.

    (Matt’s Bonus Grammar Lesson)

    You are correct by the way. When two vowels “go walking”, the first one does “the talking.” Phonetically, it is pronounced “Boner” 🙂

  7. These Republicans are great entertainment if nothing else! You’d think they’d come up with a better excuse to screw the middle class…again.
    Boner (I mean Boehner) says there are states where unemployment is still low! Really!!! Oh please, could you let me know where these paradises are? Should I lose my job, I can just find a new hot happenin’ state where well-paying jobs just fall from the sky!

    Just another silver spoon, never-really-worked-a-day-in-my-life, out-of-touch, don’t-care-if-the-middle-class-burns, Bush-sucking neo-conservative. Boehner is a pathetic wretch. I’d love to meet him in a bar somewhere. Oh that’s right, Republican neo-cons don’t go to bars, they go to church, so they can pray to Jesus that he might relieve them of their boundless greed, guilt and ignorance.

  8. Joseph

    I’ve been contacting my Congressmen about an economic stimulus idea which entails allowing Unemployment Benefits paid during 2008 to count toward the Earned Income Tax Credit for the upcoming tax season. I’ve received back some encouraging reports regarding this issue. I encourage ALL of you to e-mail or write your congressmen asking for this very thing. It would put ALOT of extra money in the pockets of those who, like myself, were unable to find work all year long. Ask them, if for this year only, to include Claimed Unemployment Benefits for 2008 as Earned Income so that we may collect the much needed tax credit which can be upwards of $5,000.00! Thank you and God bless!!!

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