Its Starting Already – Presenting, the Obama “Monkey” Doll

You know it was only a matter of time before some inbred conservative starting the real campaign against Obama – the white vs. black campaign.

Oh yes friends, the doll is no joke. It really does exist. The makers of the doll pretend that purchasing the “SockObama” is a great way to support the candidate!

Non-racists know better of course.

What this really is amounts to nothing more than a glaring act of racism pointed in Obama’s direction.

The owners of this operation are David J. Lawson and Elizabeth A. Lawson of Utah. They even had the balls to issue a comment on the toy. 

“…this is not a joke, and our intention is not to offend. Our objective is three fold:

1) Provide a cuddly toy for the millions of Obama fans to take a little piece of their favorite candidate home with them.

2) Have a means for children to become a part of the political process with a cuddly plush toy all their own.

3) Contribute a pivotal article of presidential election memorabilia.

After test marketing our product, we found a majority of our customer base finds our plush toy fun and loveable. By virtue of our plush toy now temporarily out of stock, we’ve had to expedite a new order of inventory to meet the needs of our customers who want TheSockObama.


Dave & Ellee

Just a suggestion, but I could think of about 100 other animals these two assholes could have picked. Make it a teddy bear and no one is upset. Right???

There are people trying to justify this by saying “Well, George W. Bush is compared to a monkey all of the time!” The difference is that entitled, dimwitted idiots like Bush and their white friends, believe with all of their being that people of color evolved from chimps, while all white people were dropped from the sky by “God.”

Why is it that Republicans, Christians and Racists always seem to be the same shit stain excuse of people? They’re the people who always seem to find their way onto television and beat the rest of us over the head with morals and Jesus and compassion, but in reality they’re masquerading as something they are not – tolerant (and intelligent) – and they’re always the first ones to judge people on race using innuendo and double meaning. Anyone up for a good old fashioned house burning? Oh, I’m sorry! I just meant I would like a little ‘fire’ to cuddle my SockObama doll by. The double meaning of this doll is so thick you can chew on it.


I’ll bet my life that these two ‘innocent doll makers’ are conservative Christians through and through. If anyone can dig that info up, I’d love to see it on the comment thread. 

Contact David and Elizabeth Lawson and tell them what you think of them and their doll:

The toys are manufactured by Binkley Toys, a company that makes plush toys based on the specifications of their customer.


phone: 1-866-494-0448

Every progressive blogger on the planet should on this like sweat on Nixon. This cannot be tolerated. 

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54 responses to “Its Starting Already – Presenting, the Obama “Monkey” Doll

  1. bathrobit

    god dammit dude. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. not everything has racial subtext.

  2. bathrobit,

    You’re kidding right? I mean really…did you grow up in a cave or something or are you a piece of shit racist too?

    The racial subtext is so thick I can choke on it from ten feet away.

  3. youcommentnow

    I have to agree with bathrobit on this one. C’mon Matt the prejudice coming from your pie hole stinks. Between bathrobit and you, it’s clear who the “piece of shit racist” is.

  4. Jim

    The domain is registered to a Canadian manufacturing company…

    owner-name: Binkley Custom Products
    owner-address: 163 Beach Rd.
    owner-address: L8L4A4
    owner-address: Hamilton
    owner-address: Ontario
    owner-address: Canada
    admin-c: RB306-GANDI
    tech-c: RB306-GANDI
    bill-c: RB306-GANDI
    reg_created: 2008-04-16 15:40:19
    expires: 2009-04-16 15:40:19
    created: 2008-04-16 17:36:03
    changed: 2008-04-16 17:36:03

    person: Robert Bishop
    nic-hdl: RB306-GANDI
    address: Binkley Custom Products
    address: 163 Beach Rd.
    address: L8L4A4
    address: Hamilton
    address: Ontario
    address: Canada
    phone: +00.19053128962
    fax: +00.19055474245
    lastupdated: 2006-09-19 17:11:13

  5. Yeah, it’s racist, regardless of the makers’ intentions. In fact, intentions have nothing to do with it. It’s all about the connotations. In fact, the subtext is pretty ubertext to me.

  6. I emailed some SLC papers yesterday. The Deseret News has a story.,5143,700234525,00.html

  7. youcommentnow,

    Are you high or just not paying attention? Where in this post did I attack someone based on the color of their skin or racial origin????? I said that Christians and Republicans and Conservatives are all the same “shit stain excuse of people” based on their twisted beliefs, lack or morals, and wrongheaded ultra conservative racist politics. The color of one’s skin is NOT A FACTOR and should never be. These people, in an underhanded way, are trying to say that Obama has the intelligence and development of a monkey. Get it??? I don’t back down from anything in this post by the way. Enough is enough.

  8. NonConservativeUtahn

    Utah has very little racism, so it is surprising this doll is from here. One would expect this doll to come from Alabama or Tennessee. A different animal would have been a smarter choice. That’s because people are so super-sensitive, and sometimes you need to know when you might offend someone, and one needs to do their best not to offend.

    If a person can get past any racial tainting, either from being a racist, or from being easily offended, this really is a cute toy.

  9. NonConservativeUtahn

    Like I said in the post – make it a bear and this is a non-issue.

  10. People, this has nothing to do with being over-sensitive or being politically correct. The doll is racist period! Now it is possible the Utah couple are not racists but merely just incredibly ignorant.

  11. Al

    “Now do you see why I dislike Christians and racists and Republicans? Because they’re all the same shit stain excuse of people, masquerading as something they are not – namely intelligent.”

    You lose all credibility when you decry someone as being racist when you make a completely asinine remark, greatly overgeneralizing an entire group of people. The fact that some people believe that blacks are inferior and somehow related to primates is sad and terrible. You are no different when you refer to ALL Christians and ALL Republicans as being unintelligent shit stain excuses of people. Hypocrite.

  12. Brian

    Where can I get one? This is great.
    If he hangs with racists like Rev. Wright and his Racist Catholic priest friend, how can he expect anything less in “spades”?

  13. al lah

    I’ll but one. I love them – but I think it is fake, and only intended to stir up overly sensitive leftists and blacks.

    FYI, sock puppets have been monkeys. We have several in the family that were made in the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

    So what did republicans, Christians and bush have to do with this? Sounds like you are racist, antichristian and probably antisemitic too.

  14. Lorelei Czarnecki

    Or make it of President George W. Bush and it’s a non issue with these types.

  15. Whatever

    Where is your outrage at the Hillary Nutcracker? If you didn’t complain about that, don’t complain about an Obama Monkey Doll.

  16. LN

    Yes, I agree it’s offensive AND where was the outrage over the Hillary “DeathWatch” website and the Hillary “nutcracker” tool that was available in major stores and the pics of Hillary head photoshopped onto a porn star’s body.

    I’m just sayin’

  17. griz

    Did you ever consider these people might just be entrepreneurs seizing an opportunity to cash in on the racist market and make some money?

    They don’t have to be racists; they could be capitalists taking part in American tradition.

  18. tonyaj57

    Informative and not at all subtle double meaning in the way the makers think they slyly came up with the name. Separate out the words of the product: Sock Obama. Right.

    I support your disgust Matt, as do my friends at a certain hangout.

    Blogged about this yesterday:

    Artistic Meanderings …

  19. rb4187

    So, is the whole election going to be like this?

    Everything will be racist?

  20. Jim,

    Good work on the server info. DOS attack anyone???

  21. Al,

    Sorry Al. I call it what it is. Every Republican-Conservative-Christian I have ever known uses the “N” word, doesn’t have any black friends, and hates Obama. Until that changes, I heap all the racist dogshit in one pile.

  22. Brian,

    Its one thing to say it, its quite another to sell it and name it “Obama”. You know what I mean pal?

  23. lah,

    This is very real. The website and manufacturer are legitimate as far as we can tell. If it turns out to be fake, this is the best web hoax ever.

  24. lah,

    Anti brainwashing Christian “religion”, not anti God or anti-people who worship. I’m not sure what you mean by anti-semite???

  25. rb4187,

    Only if ignirant assholes like these two meatheads from Utah keep this up. Then it will be forced in that direction.

  26. LN,

    I was outraged! My blog wasn’t fully running yet. This is not a Hillary vs. Obama issue. I’d like to see Hillary as VP and have said as much on this blog.

  27. griz,

    You want to make some quick cash? Buy gold or oil stocks. You’ll score big. You don’t need to “cash in” on some double meaning racist toy. Sorry, I don’t buy it. It is a sly racist ploy and they’re scumbags for perpetrating it.

  28. New Yorker

    oh, so it pisses you off that not only is the doll racist but that the company DEFENDS it with an obvious insult of an excuse??? hmmm
    well well well, now you and others may understand how millions of Americans feel about the “typical white person” comments and the numerous known racist rants and sermons made by the Obama’s pastor of 20 YEARS and the so called “Race Speech” that was nothing more than long-winded excuse for the repugnant behavior of this man who disgraces the House of God. no tellin how many similar sermons the Obamas were audience to that the public will never know about.
    yes, this doll is straight up racist. study it well. THIS is racist… NOT Bill Clinton’s description of Obama’s Iraq record (clearly a political punch and NOTHING more) nor was Hillary’s factual statement that Civil Right’s Laws were not made a Reality until Signed Into Law by a President (REGARDLESS of that president’s race)-a comment on the Law-Making Process of Following Words with Action. I am glad this doll is pissing off so many people. Maybe it will help people understand what REAL RACISM really is and how it is UNACCEPTABLE from ANY group.
    btw, to those who make it a hobby to jump to conclusions and Lord knows there too many of you out there, I am a person of mixed heritage –Hispanic, Native American and Anglo. so seriously, get bent if you think only white people are offended by the hypocrisy of the Obamas.

  29. New Yorker,

    You don’t need to school me. Your comments are right on, but Obama has offered any racist talk I don’t think.

  30. Menace

    “Yeah, it’s racist, regardless of the makers’ intentions. In fact, intentions have nothing to do with it. It’s all about the connotations.”

    Connotations, eh? So if a group of people get together tomorrow and liken black people to beach towels and then someone else decides to make an Obama beach towel, is that racist too? Maybe you’re a racist for even thinking that a cuddly Obama monkey is somehow an affront to his race.

    Your assertion is one of the most ludicrous and stupid things I’ve ever read. You Americans need to seriously reconsider your rabid, fascist take on political correctness before you implode… or bore the rest of us to death with your idiocy.

  31. Menace,

    Well my friend – I am white, and if i had a nickel for everytime I heard a white person in the U.S. call a black person a “monkey,” I could purchse Chicago. This attempt at labeling black persons as unintelligent, sub-human, primates for the last 150 years or so, qualifies. When ‘beach towels’ achieve the same status, I’ll consider posting on that topic. Kind of like black people referrring to white people as ‘white bread’ or ‘cracker.’

    By the way, if the U.S. political process bores you so, why do you comment on it? Just wondering.

  32. Brian

    Matt P,
    Listen bro, I do believe that Rev. Wright was selling videos of his anti-White tirades. So don’t draw some jive-ass line that you’ve already crossed, ya dig?
    My wife who is white was very offended by all the racism flowing from the Obama camp. So much for him being a uniter.

  33. Superman

    ..How mature of you.

  34. griz

    I just bought 2 of them. They’ll be worth a fortune as Americana 🙂

  35. Superman

    Isn’t saying you hate all Christians and Republicans due to your personal experience with them as bad as hating black people due to personal experience with them?

  36. Brian,

    Yeah you’re right, and he’s a racist too. What’s your point? So you’re black and this is cool with you??????? That is of course, if you are actually black.

  37. Superman,

    Almost forty years mature, and the answer to your other comment is no. The people who manufactured this doll did a consciously racist thing (i.e. Their assumptions about Obama are based on his color and nothing more). I am combating hatred and ignorance based on false premises and targeting a specific group of people based on that hatred and ignorance. That is the difference.

  38. youcommentnow

    ***Comment Deleted***

  39. Bear Rug

    Man, Matt what are you thinking? If a conservative said the things that you do, they’d be taken out and crucified. You seem like an intelligent person, but your use of expletives places a great deal of doubt on your credibility. There are other, intelligent ways to call people “pieces of shit,” etc. By the way, if all conservatives and Republicans are racist pieces of sh#!$%**&, that must mean that all liberals and Demos are communistic socialists that have no idea about freedom and liberty. Your ammoral, hedonistic pieces of fecal material.

  40. Bear Rug,

    So crucify me. It is your right to try. The fact is, I’m completely tired of the backdoor innuendo. It is what it is. Some sterotypes are wicked and offensive but true. I personally have never met a conservative that didn’t use the word “Nigger,” myself included when I was younger and foolish, and I have NEVER met a conservative that thought a black man or woman was intellectually equal to his or her white counterpart. Find me twenty or so that do, and I’ll shut my mouth. You want some recent proof? Read the comments in this thread by goodtimepolitics and others. They are all conservatives, and they are all anti-Obama based on race. Their retorts range from blaming him and shouting that he is the ‘racist’, to attacking his wife, to attacking all Democrats who would vote for a black candidate, to supporting the ‘Monkey Doll’ claiming it means nothing.

    Come on.

    I’m angry and that is the source of the colorful language in this post. This is not the case with 99% of my posts. However, the doll thing burns me up. Had to go there on this one. Sorry to offend, but I needed to vent.

  41. James

    I want one. That is one cool idea. If it cant
    get produced here, maybe overseas and can have
    one sent back. Too bad they had to fold to the

  42. James,

    Thanks for another comment that reinforces my belief that conservatives are generally not too bright.

  43. JT

    Obama is no more black than he is white. So how is this doll so offensive?

  44. JT,

    Obama is no more black than he is white??????

  45. youcommentnow

    ***Comment Deleted***

  46. antisensorship

    ***Comment Deleted***

  47. Andy

    I’m from the UK and this is the first time I’ve heard of, to paraphrase, “black people being alikened to Monkeys.” I think it’s more Capitalism than racism. That, or it’s an attempt by the opposition to discredit Obama, which would be sad indeed!

  48. Ferris

    Look, I’m a liberal, and I don’t see this toy as racist. Sure, it can be interpreted that way, but I think you’re reaching. It’s supposed to be accesible to kids, so what do you do? You make it an animal. What animal does Obama look like most? (re ears) A monkey. Lighten up, I think it’s cute.

    Note, I’ve been following Obama since 04 and I’m far far on the left. I sense you’re just playing people’s emotions. Nobody under 50 that I’ve ever met has ever called a black person a “monkey.” Let the nation move on.

  49. Ferris,

    Are you kidding? You haven’t heard anybody under 50 ever call a black person a monkey before? You’re a liberal and you don’t see this doll as racist?????


    Well, ‘m not sure what circles you run in, but in my everyday life, I have heard plenty of white people call black people ‘monkeys.’ That slur is everywhere – movies, books, magazines, on the street, etc.

    If you honestly haven’t heard a young white person use ‘monkey’ as a slur, then you really need to get out more and actually listen to people around you.

    I really don’t know how else to respond.

  50. Matt, I think it’s becoming a waste of time to keep trying to explain to some people how the Obama monkey is racist.

    A certain percentage of the population are just ignorant and there’s nothing you can be about it. Some people will always think Bush was a good President, others see no problem with buying their five year old daughter thong underwear, and even others who think the Blue Jays are a real baseball team.

    It could be just that Ferris and maybe others are pulling your chain.

  51. MJ,

    Pulling my chain? Maybe.

    Ignorant? Most defenitely.

    But are you kidding? A waste of time? You are correct my friend when you suggest there is no shortage of the ignorant, however I say…let them come forth! I love that traffic, and I would like to thank each and every one of them for visiting CapitolStreet to offer their welcomed, all be them, misguided comments 🙂

  52. Any,

    The slur is quite common here.

  53. jen

    It is strange to me that this is the first time someone has decided to make a monkey doll of a president. And the excuses are just silly. If you want to support a Presidential it with taste..not a cheap doll that is humiliating and stupid. Where is the Bush monkey? Now that one would sell.

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