BREAKING NEWS – ‘The Sock Obama’ Company No Longer Selling Monkey Doll

It took less than 72 hours to savor victory after this story hit the progressive blogs. ‘The Sock Obama’ company has posted a statement on their website as follows:

“An Apology

We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea.

We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy.

Thank you.


Way to go and congratulations to my fellow progressive bloggers!!! This is proof that when enough moral people band together to combat this type of hatred and ignorance, we can drive positive change for all. 

A quick note to David and Elizabeth Lawson of Utah – may TheSockObama become a toilet wash rag in it’s next life, because that is exactly where it belongs.

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21 responses to “BREAKING NEWS – ‘The Sock Obama’ Company No Longer Selling Monkey Doll

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Just another stupid black racist card playing game! Quit blaming the white man for your color, you where born that way!

  2. goodtimepolitics,

    What does that have to do with an offensive doll? I’m white by the way???????? Do me a favor and go eat some more mashed potatoes, drink more cheap beer and clean your shotgun. Maybe then you’ll be in a better mood before you comment…or more lucid.

  3. goodtimepolitics

    So whats offensive about the doll? There has been white dolls made from many things that no one has called offensive! Does Obama and the blacks think they’re monkeys? If they do then they are wrong, cause no monkey would care what color they are! The blacks wants everything to be offensive! There is money in doing so!

  4. goodtimepolitics,

    Again, what you fail to understand is the cultural overtone. White people have been calling black people ‘monkey’ for years. The offensive part is that it is a “monkey” named “Obama”. Do I have to spell everything out for the conservatives or are you guys just that out of touch – or just that racist and you don’t care (that’s what I believe by the way)? Will you stop already!

  5. indigoblu

    It’s not the fact that the monkey is a certain color; it’s the fact that they depicted the man as a monkey, all together. We all know the underlying implications of this. I don’t know anyone—black, white, or other—who looks at themselves a monkey.
    It’s an obvious insult….quite dim-witted to ask what’s “so offensive”. Get real.
    Besides, if you really saw yourself as a monkey, you defiantly wouldn’t take it as an insult.
    Perhaps you see yourself as a monkey and that’s why you see nothing “offensive” about it…I’m not sure…leveling with the ideologies of Charles Darwin. So..Hillary didn’t win the nomination..and/or you don’t like Obama for whatever reason…but why reveal yourself as obtuse? Get over it.
    Matt: Thanks for the post. I don’t really care so much for the apology, as long as it’s no longer being manufactured since clearly it was insulting.

  6. LN

    Yes, the doll is offensive AND where was the outrage over the Hillary nutcracker doll, or the photoshopping of her face over a porn star’s body or what about obama flipping her off, not once, but twice during a debate.

    Oh…sorry…I almost forgot…that’s different, isn’t it?

  7. indigoblu,

    Thank you for the thoughtful and eloquent comment.

  8. LN,

    It is all reprehensible. My blog wasn’t up in time for all of the Hillary stuff. But the monkey thing does take this nonsense to another level – wouldn’t you agree?

  9. Eric E

    This doll was pure ignorance which, if you’re familiar with the word’s meaning, is a complement. Ignorance assumes ones latent ability to understand or comprehend. I would venture to say that Utah (predominantly LDS (Mormon) not Baptist or Lutheran) has produced intelligent persons. Maybe these two slipped through the cracks.

    goodtimepolitics is not ignorant. He is likely retarded (trisomy 21) and uneducated, no doubt the product of a poor southern education. He is likely the type of person who refuses to eat ‘French’ fries and refers to Hondas and Toyotas as ‘Jap crap.’

    Sorry for the rant. I’m originally from KY, and came across people like him quite often. Along with racisim and blatant stupidity they’re also guilty of blind Nationalism, which is a topic for another time.

    Matt P: though some of your blog could be construed as rhetoric, the majority is right on. Let’s push for a more educated, sensitive and capapble society that has a firm grasp on historical relevance; in hopes that we can prevent these such things from ever happening.

  10. Eric E.,

    Some of the blog is rhetoric. Agreed. But aren’t all the better political blogs sprinkled with some of that spice 🙂

    However “ignorance” is defined as lack of knowledge, education, or awareness on a particular topic. I must admit you confused me a bit with your definition.

    Rest of your comment is spot on. Thanks for your thoughts. Please stop back.

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  12. yomomma

    racism or a dual standard – you decide:

    Where’s the outrage about the thousands of cartoons depicting Bush as a monkey? Where are the cries of racism when prominent black figures state they are voting their race rather than stating they are voting their mind? Yep, sockobama is offensive and the cartoons of Bush were offensive, but neither compare to the attempts to paint the entire white race as being racist. Get over it and let’s talk issues.

  13. yomomma,

    Agreed. We should focus on the issues, but this level of racism was unacceptable. Its one thing to draw a guy like a Monkey, its quite another to name the monkey Obama and sell it as a toy.

    As far as the white race goes, we are mostly racist. Sorry to break it to you. Most blacks are too. Thats why this nonsense must stop.

  14. yomomma

    Matt, I think you should speak for yourself – if you have guilt about your racism take care of it, but don’t put it on me or anyone else.

    Read Michelle’s master’s thesis (easily found on the web) and then research to find out the response rate she got. Look at the church the Obama’s attended for 20 years and those the Obama’s kept close relations with. There is a case to suggest the Obama’s are racists, there is a reason to suggest who ever designed the monkey Obama doll is racist (even though Bush is regularly termed as a monkey – a lower stage on the evolutionary ladder), there is also reason to term the black columnists who have clearly stated they are voting their race are racists, but there are no grounds from which to condemn either race ad hoc. What your writing is really stating is that you have guilt you are not willing to fully claim unless you can spread it among those you don’t even know.

  15. yomomma…

    Why do you kept talking about Bush being depicted as a monkey? This thread is about racism. People comparing Bush to a monkey has nothing to do with him being a white guy but referring to the looks and intelligence level of him personally only.

    Comparing Obama or any black person to a monkey does not speak just of that person but their race. Why the difference? The blacks and monkeys comparison has been used by white people for 1,000 years to degrade the African people. This is why African-Americans as a group are offended by it which is what really matters here.

    Suggesting the Obama’s are racists because of their church is just plain ridiculous. Even if we were to say that church is made up of a bunch of racists that would not mean Obama is a racist. That would be the same as saying just because a person grew up in the south he must be a racist.

    I would suggest you read either of Obama’s books or listen to one of his speeches and maybe then you would understand why calling him a racist is idiotic.

    Eric E, I agree with you that goodtimepolitics is a mix of retardation and no education. Unfortunately, he likes to listen to himself talk.

  16. indigoblu

    I do not concur with anyone’s vote for a candidate on the basis of race, sex, looks or even the fact that they are from the same home town—but it happens and it is all political. Let’s be authentic about this. Assuming that blacks are seemingly “racist”, reflect on the fact that in all previous years, blacks did not have but one voting option …on the basis of race. Consistent with this …….on the basis of sex…. women who are assumingly “sexist” or “feminist” only had one option as well. Of course, the other option would be not to vote at all since clearly the standard was white, middle-aged male. Racists would not vote for someone who is of a different race than themselves and sexists would not vote for someone of a different sex than themselves, but astonishingly the assumed “racist” blacks and “sexist” women both voted nevertheless for the standard…middle-aged….white…male.
    Voting for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton– I do not think makes voters racist or sexist respectively, so much as it gives them more options. Sure—I’m certain that some (black, white, and others) voted for Barack because he’s black but I am equally certain some (black, white, and others) voted for him because they think he is qualified, agree with his positions, and likes his vision of hope and success for America. The same can be said for women and men (black, white, and others) who were for Hillary. At the beginning, all throughout, and end of the day, Obama is just another human being. Before he is black and before he is male, he is merely human. Simply put: it’s only about race if you make it about race; it’s only about sex if you make it about sex. Elevate your mind, vote the issues, and hold your candidate to those issues.

  17. indigoblu,

    regarding your last comment, “Simply put: it’s only about race if you make it about race; it’s only about sex if you make it about sex. Elevate your mind, vote the issues, and hold your candidate to those issues.”

    Bravo! I’d love to have you as a contributor on this blog.

  18. yomomma,

    Seems like you’re retreating to a ‘defensive’ position here. My momma had a cliche, but prctical saying. “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, make sure they’re out of the room.” – and that is how we try to get along in this country. In public we’re all smiles, slaps on the back and laughs – but behind closed doors, and around the kitchen table, the ugliness is still there. White people started it, black people have seized upon it, and the problem persists. My apologies if this is too much for you to handle. I’m secure enough to admit it, and if more people did, this country would realize a greater level of social progress. If you interpret this as calling out other white people or black people, so be it. My opinion stands, and I believe rightfully so.

    BTW – It is clear to me that you dislike Obama and are uninformed regarding his positions. You need to do your homework…really.

  19. Looks like you can still buy these at . By the domain name it looks like they will be adding more politicians soon. I look forward to the SockMcCain doll.

  20. jmsock

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Japanese people made fun of whites and called them monkeys also. They got over it because they know its not true. Why can’t others grasp this simple truth? By the way the monkey is still available at The other website is a bunch of fraudsters.

  21. The Original Obama Monkey is still available to purchase at

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