Automotive Technology – Build Your Own Hydrogen Pump and Triple Your Gas Mileage

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it., claims that you can build a ‘Hygrogen Pump’ for your vehicle, install it, and that it will increase mileage between 18 and 50% – they even offer free schematics and how-to-videos.

Check it out…

“This is supposed to be an efficient way to convert ordinary tap water into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen, and then burn these vapors in the engine, instead of gasoline.

This “minisystem” runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and it plugs into your carburetor [Fuel Injectors] with simple off-the-shelf fittings.

You will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit, a reaction chamber, a hi-pressure carb/FI fitting, and 3 gauges, and then hooking into your existing carb/FI. [Fuel Injectors]”

The website explains: 

“The simplicity comes from its being an “on-demand” system requiring no fancy storage or plumbing. You crank the gas pedal or throttle, and you electrically [/sonicly] create more vapor for immediate consumption, on demand; low-high flow rate as needed, from idle to maximum power. The change is that you are using tap water as fuel, instead of the traditional petroleum-based fuel.”

Funny how you see Japanese researchers and engineers doing this, or some guys from the midwest and Florida figuring it out in their garage, yet nothing from Detroit????????????????

The system is a simple retrofit for us “wrenchheads” out there, it is safe, it is reliable, and cheap to build. Oh, and by the way….IT RUNS ON TAP WATER!

I have access to an old car and I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how I made out.

One last thought – do you think anyone in Congress is on this???? Fear not, I checked. There’s no mention of it.

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7 responses to “Automotive Technology – Build Your Own Hydrogen Pump and Triple Your Gas Mileage

  1. My Lexus LS400 went from 19 to 30mpg. After I purchased Water for gas I was impressed with the design. Then when I purchased all of the parts the size of the hoses and lack of flow of the check valves concerned me. Being a Machine Designer as well as an Electro-Mechanical and Pneumatic assembler I took the liberty of redesigning the devise a bit. Anyway I already have the parts list specked out for these changes. I’ll give them out for free.

  2. I would love to get the specs on the unit you built.I am a carpenter who has to have a full size truck and the gas is killing me , thanks , Pete

  3. Jessica

    Is this truly converting your car to run solely on water, no trips to the gas pump necessary at all? Or am I misunderstanding this concept? Have you really gotten this to work, author or Mike Hickman?

  4. Yes. It works. I saw it with my own eyes…

  5. Was surfing the web for black latex gloves (don’t ask) and came across this post. Anyway – interesting post. Am going to forward to my husband who. thanks

  6. this is a good blog. will come back regularly to read more posts

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