Mid-Day Discussion – Tim Russert’s Replacement

Now that Tim Russert is gone, who do you think should replace him on ‘Meet the Press?’ More to the point – does NBC have anyone to replace him?

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16 responses to “Mid-Day Discussion – Tim Russert’s Replacement

  1. Brian Barney

    I’ve not seen anyone else suggest this, but I think Katie Couric should do Meet the Press. Brian Williams, alas, is ineffective.

  2. Brain Barney,

    Tim Russert to Katie Couric??? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. Moodz4Modernz

    Chris Matthews, a possible replacement for Tim Russert? I say No.., no.., no!

    Andrea Mitchell, a possible replacement for Tim Russert? Yes!

    I can’t have been the only one who picked up on Whoopi’s ridicules comment about dark skinned women w/no teeth…

    Check it out.


  4. John H. Hopkins

    Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW, would be my choice to replace Tim Russert. She’s most objective, and her observations are ‘spot-on’. The lady is ‘dynamite’ and a ‘true gem’. NBC needs new life. It’s becoming stale. It needs another ‘point of view’. Goodman could quite possibly ‘nail it’, for that network. Forget the ratings–let’s get back to ‘good journalism’. The ratings will follow….

  5. John H. Hopkins,

    She’d be wonderful. I agree. However, her persona is a bit to ‘Dan Rather-ish’ for NBC. They’re looking for bright, perky, conversational, etc., etc.

    How about Lou Dobbs!!!!! Just a thought…Talk about hold people to the fire.

  6. Moodz4Modernz,

    I don’t know….

  7. John H. Hopkins

    Lou Dobbs??!….. Give me a break. Goodman could be jazz. Send her to Hollywood for two weeks and let her grab a crib here in NY. She’d be chill. I’d love her interviews with Ralph, Ron, and Bob. It’d be like watching Manny, Moe, and Jack! Throw in some Noam Chomsky and you’ve got some real Sunday morning ‘get’.

  8. Listen to me. If you want tough, Dobbs is your guy. He hates all of these guys alike. I watch his show quite a bit.

  9. John H. Hopkins

    Dobbs can be shrill. I get the impression that he has an axe to grind. I like schmooze on Sunday am’. Eggs Benedict with bit of cayennne. Dobbs can be a bulldozer. Morning talk is about the topic and guests–good moderators are not necessarily overtly confrontational. I’ll have to watch more Dobbs to get a more balanced opinion. Let’s not forget that Phil Donahue was No. 1, at MSNBC, when his show got pulled…. Gee, I wonder what that was about…

  10. stuart randall

    just want to put the name of charlie rose as

    the next moderator of “meet the press”. has

    many of the qualities of Mr. Russert. his

    interview the other night with justice scalia

    shows the attributes needed to continue the


  11. Stuart Randall,

    Love Charlie Rose. I don’t know how tough he’d be though.

  12. John H. Hopkins

    Rose could work. With that time slot, anything could be possible. It will be interesting to see what Brokaw does with it between now and November. Thanks, Stu…
    Cheers, Matt.


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