House Passes New War Funding Bill as Democrats Cave Once Again

The latest Iraq war funding bill passed the House on Thursday, along with historic increases in college aid for returning troops and help for the unemployed, and Midwestern flood victims.

Pro-war Republicans with their Democratic counterparts in a 268-155 vote that provides $162 billion to fund U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan well into next year.

The White House issued a statement supporting the legislation:

The measure provides $2.7 billion infusion of emergency flood relief for the Midwest. The bill would provide the total to more than $650 billion – the amount provided by Congress for the war in Iraq since it started five years ago. Nearly $200 billion in additional funding has gone to operations in Afghanistan.

It also would give Bush’s successor several months to set Iraq policy after taking office in January.

“The way it’s been set up now, whoever … is president will have a few months to think through how we are going to extricate ourselves,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey.

Congressional business as usual. Just thought you might want to know where your tax money is going.

Read full story here

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8 responses to “House Passes New War Funding Bill as Democrats Cave Once Again

  1. The Democrats are also about to cave in on the “compromised” FISA bill. The telecoms are going to get a free pass which means when the government decides to break the law they can now get help from corporations in doing it.

    They attached the GI Bill and extended unemployment benefits to the FISA bill to try to make it acceptable. When are people going to wake up and understand the Democrats are not much more different then the Republicans and that we need a real party for progressives?

  2. Any party that runs a nomination process the way the Dems do, doesn’t deserve to run anything.

  3. Alfie

    O.k here right now are 4 people with different views. I’m curious if between the 4 of us we’d be able to represent an ultra-mini representation of America.
    Wouldn’t it be great if heavyweight issues like funding troops,unemployment and domestic emergency relief were stood up alone,debated and voted on with very public record keeping ?
    FWIW my votes would’ve all be “yea” with some tweaking of FISA and GI Bill.

  4. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is backing President Bush and his warrantless spy bill..what you think about that?

  5. Alfie,

    “Yea” on all except war bill. I’d attach a time table to it, and stick with it. Bush must be checked.

  6. goodtimepolitics,

    I think he’s completely wrong. Next…

  7. The Dude,

    Except for Super-Delegates, I think its not too far off the beam. This year did expose some weaknesses though.

  8. MJ,

    I agree. The Dems constantly vote Republican-lite, and have consistently caved on all key issues to the neo-cons. It’s absurd.

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