Your Morning Cereal – Some ‘Independence Day’ Trivia

I know it’s only July 3rd, but what the heck. Here is some Independence Day Trivia. Think you know this stuff?

Answers tomorrow.

1. Which three presidents died on July 4?

2. Which president laid the cornerstone for the Washington Monument on July 4, 1850?

3. What city in the American South fell to Ulysses S. Grant and Union forces on July 4, 1863, after a short siege?

4. The flag has 13 stripes. How many of them are red?

5. Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the Star-Spangled Banner after witnessing what?

6. True or false: When the Pledge of Allegiance was published in 1892, the words “Under God” were not included.

7. Which president, to show his disdain for ceremony, would greet ambassadors in his pajamas?

8. To whom was the first telephone call made from the White House in 1878?

9. At 5 feet 4, who was the shortest president?

10. Which president, when short of funds, offered White House china as the ante in poker games?

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