Same Old Song and Dance for Congressional Republicans

The Republicans are doing everything they can to make this Democratic controlled Congress look worse than the one that preceded it. House and Senate Republicans are stopping all efforts to bring change to Washington, and the American people are suffering for it.

The level of partisan gridlock is stunning. 

Last month alone, the Republicans blocked bills on global warming, an effort to halt the mortgage meltdown, an effort to lower fuel prices, and key medicare reform. 

First the Republicans couldn’t do anything when they had a majority, now they refuse help to average people out of spite for the Democrats. 

It’s pathetic.

In this Congress, the Republicans have shattered the filibuster record as well.

Imagine that.

The medicare care is a big one. With it’s defeat, comes a Bush backed agenda that puts private insurers ahead of seniors and military personnel returning from Iraq. In the end, it means many of these people may be denied medicare if they apply as a new patient.

But the Republicans don’t seem to care. It’s just business as usual.

Senator Dick Durbin said, “There will be a lot of talk about patriotism over this Fourth of July weekend and many senators will rightfully praise our military,” he added. “But true patriotism means honoring the men and women in uniform who defend our freedoms – not just with words and flag lapel pins, but with actions befitting their great sacrifices.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The Republicans and indeed all conservatives continue to beat the drum when it comes to the military, yet they consistently fail to deliver to the American people. Worst of all, now they’re blaming the Democrats for doing nothing!

They claim they are the party that will keep America safe.

They claim they are the party that will defeat terrorism.

Yet, when it comes time to honor military service, the Republicans seem to ignore our nation’s defenders.

Men and women returning home from combat are subjected to mediocre medical facilities, cuts in benefits, bankruptcy, and denied healthcare.

King Bush remarked recently, “These brave Americans make it possible for America to endure as a free society,” the president added. “So on this Fourth of July, we owe all those who wear the uniform of the United States a special debt of gratitude. And we thank their families for supporting them in this crucial time for our Nation.”

Tell me George – is abusing troops who are returning home the Republicans’ idea of thanks? If it is, I’ll stick with the other guys thanks.

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