Bug Chasers and Their Dangerous Game

They are known as “Bug Chasers” and they seek out other people who are willing to get them infected with HIV.

Within these circles, these people, usually gay men, talk about “poz” and “neg” men, “bug juice” and “conversion” from negative to positive. Their screen names include BugChaser21, Knockmeup, BugMeSoon, ConvertMeSir, PozCum4NegHole and GiftGiver.

Internet web sites are the only place a bug seeker can really express his desires openly, posting requests like “hot poz load deep in me”, or “I really want to be converted!! Breed me/seed me!” Another wants to be filled up , “with that poison seed.” 

It’s not uncommon to see people post replies either.

Spokes people from Yahoo! and Google claim they shut down such sites when they receive a notice that the subscribers are promoting HIV infection. Yet it is pretty easy to find discussion groups on the net that promote HIV. We will not reprint any links here.

Bug chasers openly ridicule condom use and safe sex. In fact they promote unsafe sex. Bug chasers only care about freedom, not consequences. They’re philosophy is, what can happen that’s worse? 

Is this what American and indeed, world culture has come to? We are so desparate for the thrill that we will go to any length, cross any line – risk anything? This segment of gay men has romanticized ‘bug chasing’ to the point of likening it to children running around a playground looking for ants – and being thrilled when they find one. Their motives are baffling.

I’m not seeing the eroticism, the thrill, or the romance in this. I only see a perverse sexual under-culture, of possibly mentally disturbed people, that is working to undermine safe sex for both gays and heterosexual people alike.

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3 responses to “Bug Chasers and Their Dangerous Game

  1. ohnezu

    Bug chasing is an interesting phenomenon which is getting a lot of academic attention as well as “general media” attention. You might want to look in to some of the work of Christian Grov. It seems as thought bug chasing may be more than just a perversion.

  2. Research

    Some published research on the subject:

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  3. My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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