Tom Toles on Obama New Yorker Cover

As usual, Tom Toles nails it.




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13 responses to “Tom Toles on Obama New Yorker Cover

  1. goodtimepolitics

    ***Comment Deleted***

  2. Marc

    Of course Matt you’ve always laughed at SNL when they’ve worn blackface. Like this bru-ha-ha funny pic of Jesse Jackson.

    Something which historically, has a very nasty history and many have been burned for.

    Of course, you’ve never even squealed once because ITS SATIRE! Obama right now is of course played by someone of mixed hispanic/japanese descent on the show, not black, but thats ok.

    You know what it is that really bothers me about this? It’s not that you or others act upset by this; because if your honest interpretation of satire of this kind offends you, thats your right. It’s that you all hopped on the bandwagon not when you first noticed this kind of satirical humor, its that you did it all of sudden when it was “your guy” under attack. I mean he’s my guy too but that doesn’t mean I jump every time he tells me or that I need to harass other people for exercising their first amendment rights.

    I mean if you’ve always been an outspoken advocate against racial or religious satire lemme know cause I’ll retract the statement as it applies to you. However, when you hop on this bandwagon this late in the game none of you look like civil rights activists, or activists for a more intelligent debate, but merely opportunists willing to score points for your guy at any opportunity.

  3. Marc,

    Actually, honest truth, I haven’t watched SNL regularly since Eddie Murphy and that crowd was on, and I actually campaigned for Bill Clinton and supported Hillary this year until she came up short.

    Not trying to score points, I just think the cover went a bit far, that’s all. You’re the one that seems all twisted out of shape on this. Maybe you should write for The New Yorker?

    I don’t know.

  4. The Red Pill

    Why cry racism now? It didn’t seem to be the basis for your anger in this comment:

    Let’s just boil it down to gravy. I’ve been reading the New Yorker for almost twenty years now, and if you have, you would know that satire in the New Yorker is usually aimed at conservatives. It is one of the most liberal magazines on earth. Why hit Obama???

    You’re only upset they targetted Obama with the same satire they have “hit” conservatives with for the last 20 years.

  5. Marc

    Thanks Red Pill,
    I was about to yank out that quote myself.
    Also, if you think they went to far, isn’t it equally as bad to call the New Yorker a racist work?

    I’d love to write for the New Yorker, however my sarcasm sings to Midwestern for those high falutin’ city types.

  6. Red Pill,

    No shit. That’s what I have been saying. You guys have your rags that slam Democrats and liberals, however the New Yorker isn’t one of them. That is why I’m down on them for this cover. What?

  7. Marc,

    That’s because you’re a conservative 🙂

  8. The Red Pill

    So why post this cry-baby cartoon that claims racism and support it with the comment “As usual, Tom Toles nails it” if your only problem is that it’s a liberal magazine going after Obama?

    You want people to buy into the racism BS, and you don’t even buy it yourself.

  9. Marc

    Am I a conservative Matt? I see that even though I provided you with a link, you still haven’t checked my blog… So you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

    Excuse me if I’m not willing to link my liberalism to such simple-mindedness; such as coloring the entirety of someone political opinions based on one of their opinions.

    Your “run with the pack” mentality amongst liberals is precisely the same sort of party enforcement that made the Republicans run together when Bush came into office and many of them are now regretting it. For the sake of party and ideological unity should I shut up and not speak my mind when i deviate from the party or ideological opinion? No.

    You know, I went to the New Yorker’s “About Us” page and didn’t find a single mention of them feeling beholden to any one philosophy, ideology or party. Try as you might they aren’t a “liberal rag,” they are satirists, and right now they are laughing at you.

    Not because dare to disagree but because you’re using the exact same kind of reactionary politics that assumes Obama “must be a Muslim” because his middle name is Hussein. Your look at the cover of the New Yorker and because it’s a picture of his wife toting an AK and Obama wearing a dashiki it must be a racist characterization. It’s a mode of thoughts that decidedly unenlightened because it refuses to look past the initial shock value of the imagery.

    Also Matt,
    Red Pill may be conservative and make some arguments that I personally believe are far out of the spectrum of reason, he at least bothers to do his homework and check up before he mischaracterizes a person. He also knows better than to use a reasonable political ideology as a slander.

  10. Marc,

    I don’t need to check your blog, and I don’t need to read the about page of the New Yorker to pick out conservatives who bash liberals while claiming to be liberal.

    Do you have any idea how many ‘fake liberals’ have attacked my blogs through the years. Hundreds. You’re about as mysterious to me as a box wrench is to a mechanic. Every comment you post is loaded with anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, Obama-and-his-followers-are-cry-babies, backhanded conservative speak innuendo. But hey, keep posting – I love the traffic.

    As far as The New Yorker goes, they are as far left as it gets, and I happen to love the magazine. Their anti-right pieces are legend for generations of readers. Will you stop already? This I-am-a-more-righteous- liberal-than-you shit is really getting silly. Everyone of your comments has been more devisive than the one prior, yet you preach staying above such mundane pack politics. Give me a break.

  11. The Red Pill,

    Please understand. I’m not waving the racist flag until my arms far from their sockets, I’m just a bit preturbed that a magazine staff of an extremely popular magazine, using it’s cover, seems to think it’s okay to link one of the Presidential candidates to Muslim extremists and radical militants using the thin veil of satire. Was Kennedy, or Nixon, or Ford, or Carter, or Reagan, or Bush I, or Clinton, etc., ever portrayed with this level of destructive innuendo?

    Not that I recall.

    Is this the image we want to project to the rest of the universe given the current geo-political situation internationally??? I mean couldn’t they just draw big ears on Obama or something??? This isn’t a crybaby issue, it’s a common sense issue.

    McCain was singing a Beach Boys ‘Nuke Iran’ parody during the primary. Would you think it’s cool to have him on a New Yorker cover with pictures of Iranian babies being melted in a nuclear blast, with his hand on the button as he laughed??? I bet not (depending on what conservatives you talk to). You know why? Because it’s a grossly unfair characterization of John McCain that’s why! Conservatives from near and far, all across the land, would be having a collective fit. You know it and I know it.

  12. Red Pill,

    P.S. I just happen to like Tom Toles also…

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