Vanity Fair Parodies the Obamas New Yorker Cover

The controversial New Yorker cover of the Obamas has created heated debate on this blog in two different posts (Obama is ‘All Class’ in Response to New Yorker Cover and Tom Toles on Obama New Yorker Cover)
by Matthew. I have already commented in the first post while not outraged per say it was in incredibly poor taste to portray our future President as a Muslim terrorist even in if it was a satirical statement about the conservative media. The New Yorker should have not used it as a cover (inserted inside) and/or had a article to go along with the image. As it stands, the cover only helped reinforce stereotypes about Obama among the uninformed who casually scan the magazine rack.

It was only a matter of time before we had parodies done about the now (in)famous cover. Vanity Fair has poked fun at The New Yorker with a parody of the cover featuring the McCains

Seattle Post-Intelligencer political cartoonist David Horsey has his own take

I have to point out that this image as a the ring of truth of a certain reality about McCain. When mocking Obama, it always seems to end up being racial and basically made up of shit.

Blogger Jeremy Glass really pulls no punchs in this image

Anything is fair play these days I guess in War and Presidential contests.

MJ aka “revoltingpawn” can’t wait for the never ending Presidental campanign to end and vote already. In the mean time, he infrequently blogs at his own site Ideas and Revolution.


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One response to “Vanity Fair Parodies the Obamas New Yorker Cover

  1. The John and Cindy ‘fist bump’ is precious.

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