Iran Escalates ‘War-Like’ Rhetoric Over Strait of Hormuz

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohammad Ali Jafari, has issued a warning that Iran could easily cut off a key Persian Gulf shipping route.

Iran’s unofficial state media claims Iran has tested a naval missile capable of destroying any ship within 190 miles.

“The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has recently tested a naval weapon with a 300 km range in which no vessel would be safe and would be sent to the depths…”

Iran is also reporting recent showdowns between US and Iranian ships.

“Enemies know that we are easily able to block the Strait of Hormuz for unlimited period”, Jafari said. “The strait and vessels are in range of our various weapons.”

“In view of the proximity of the Strait of Hormuz … to our shores, this distance is within the range of an assortment of weapons and its closure for us is very feasible and we face no limitations from the point of view of time,” he said.

Foreign policy analysts say such sabre rattling may be overstated given the Iranian claims surrounding a recent missile test were later revealed to be overstated.

Read the full article at RawStory

The Iranian warning coincided with a new deadline set by the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany, demanding that Iran stop enriching uranium. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed that Iran would “not move an inch” on nuclear rights, although he said it welcomed talks.

The wild card here as I see it is Bush and his power to attack Iran without warning if he chooses. To date, he has not ruled out a nuclear strike aimed at Iran before he leaves office in January. Israel also has been preparing for possible military strikes against Iran, particularly, nuclear targets.

But what few people know, is that your Democratic Congress, about 14-15 months ago, led by Nancy Pelosi and others, removed language from a House Resolution bill requiring Bush to get congressional approval before attacking Iran.


The stage is set and the green light is on. The Senate voted 97-0 for the go-ahead to attack Iran as well.

The off Broadway show Iraq…Bulletts in the Sand Part II, may not be showing yet, but the singers are warming up.

If Ahmadinejad thinks Bush is bluffing, he better re-evaluate. In an election year, it would be vintage Bush to saddle the next President, especially if that President happens to be a Democrat, with another foolish preemptive war, in order to prevent what the power elite in this country most fear – economic meltdown.

I believe the US is afraid of having to deal with a powerful, nuclear capable country in the form of Iran, as a power broker in the Middle East. If that were to happen, many of the arab countries in the Middle East would likely gravitate to Iran for protection from U.S. intervention similar to what has happened in Iraq. 

As a new influential geo-political body, these countries, much like the E.U., could start pricing oil their currency rather than other currencies like Euros or the dollar, while being protected by Iran. The last thing the US wants is a powerful nation to possess too much control their oil lifeline. When you think about it, if it wasn’t for oil being priced in dollars, our broad military adventures and constant deficits, would become prohibitive and down-right destructive to our domestic economy on a much larger scale than what we are feeling right now. Oil priced in dollars is essential to the US, and the key to staying on top.

If that dynamic changes dramatically, our economy and culture may very well crumble – so the U.S. sets deadlines and prepares for war, while Iran sabre rattles in defiance.

Neither side has a choice really.

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