Your Morning Cereal – An Effective Way to Protest

A throng of mostly bare skin bike riders protested the U.S. dependency on foreign oil in a public park in St. Louis.

 Hundreds of bicyclists, mostly nude, were a sight ot see for curious spectators in St. Louis’ Tower Grove Park this past Saturday. The event was billed as a 10-mile ”World Naked Bike Ride.”

Thank goodness it was warm out.

The ride has been staged in 70 cities worldwide since 2004 as a way for those concerned citizens to protest society’s dependence on oil.

Police were on hand to ensure the riders wore the bare minimum, which included thongs, pasties, loin cloths, bathing suits and body paint.

 Read full article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch


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2 responses to “Your Morning Cereal – An Effective Way to Protest

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