Ellen DeGeneres Marries Girlfriend in L.A.

Afternoon talk show host Ellen DeGeneres married her life partner, actress Portia de Rossi, at their home in Los Angeles this past Saturday. 

DeGeneres, 50, and de Rossi, 35, exchanged their own vowes at  small ceremony, after dating for about four years. During that time they have been open about their relationship.

DeGeneres announced her plans to marry de Rossi, on her daytime talk show in May after California’s Supreme Court overturned a state ban on same-sex marriage.

If you remember, it was DeGeneres who broke the ‘gay’ T.V. barrier in 1997 when her television character came out of the closet on her sitcom “Ellen.” Afterward, she disappeared for a bit from T.V., but has resurrected her career.

I say good for her, as this is more proof that love cannot be simply legislated away. People who think homosexuality is a conscious lifestyle choice made to impress people, are wrong-headed. In Ellen’s case, she is finally able to express here love for here mate, and vice-versa, the way all other people who are in love, choose to express it…through marriage. 

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10 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Marries Girlfriend in L.A.

  1. Hollywood love is a different kind of love. They miss out on the the unconditional type we get to experience.

  2. I have nothing against lesbians and always said every man should have two of them. LOL

    Seriously, I will now pimp a post of mine did a while ago giving my two cents in solving the same-sex marriage debate by getting government out of it…


    I find it a shame some people don’t think others should have the rights as them. I think Obama is personally against same-sex marriages like he states in his position on the subject but really feels the law should allow them. It’s a shame that same-sex marriage is still taboo and political suicide to support. I guess it’s the easiest away to give bubba lip service.

  3. Steven…

    Who are you referring to when say we? Honestly, I have heard of unconditional love of one’s child but not of a partner. I guess you mean even if a woman’s husband is beating her she should unconditionally love him.

  4. Steven

    Yeah, Dumbass, that’s what I meant.

  5. I replied to your comment but I don’t see it up there any longer.
    Do you delete the ones you don’t like?
    What I said was, ” Yeah, dumbass, that’s what I meant.”
    If it disappears again then i won’t waste my energy here any more.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. Now I’m back in the moderation queue?
    #$%& Capitol Street 🙂

  7. Well Steven, didn’t you get your panties tied in a knot because your name calling comment didn’t get approved fast enough for you.

    I am not sure why Matthew approved your comments but maybe to show what a ass you are?

    Funny that you left a cryptic comment about Hollywood not loving the same as us and misused or don’t know what unconditional love means but I am the dumb ass.

    Oh, if Matthew had not approved your name calling and crybaby comments that would not have been censorship. Please get a clue…

  8. steven

    Who’s namecalling now? :-O
    You put words in my mouth, first.
    I have more than a clue, you little crack ho 🙂
    Everyone knows that the internet is for downloading porn and attacking people, anonymously.
    People are under the delusion that they make a difference politically by venting on a message board.
    They are mistaken.
    Not to say it isn’t possible, and if anyone can do it, I would put two doughnuts on Matt.
    You’ll notice I didn’t reply to any of your ideas.
    You started by putting some words in my mouth in response to one of mine.
    If you didn’t understand my initial comment, ask what I mean, don’t tell me I must mean it’s okay to beat your wife. That makes you look like the ass. It will become very clear that I can write better than you can. 🙂

  9. Steven…

    You lied when said would not come back…

    I used the beating of the wife line because that would be a example of unconditional love. Dude, the word you were looking for was maybe true love?

    I only get nasty when in self-defense… You are right that people make personal attacks online because they don’t want to pick up their teeth from the ground making remarks like that in real life.

  10. steven

    What does, “You lied when said would not come back…” mean? Use English, please.
    Am I supposed to read into the teeth comment further?
    If so I can say the same in person.

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