I find ‘About’ pages a bit odd because nothing would prevent me from making up my biography whole cloth…not that I would do that 😉

Seriously, I love to chew on anything sociology and politics.

I blog about politics because I need to, and I need to because of my kids and their future. Call it what you want – fear mongering, alarmist psycho-babble, etc. But the fact is, this country is slowly listing under the strain of failed foreign and economic policy that has transcended the last seven presidents, as well as Republican and Democratic Congresses alike.

The graduate studies I recently completed taught me that policy making, much like sausage making,  is a complex and sometimes very disgusting process, to say the very least. But more importantly, my studies have also taught me that the process has become perverted in the name of power and money as politicians, increasingly driven by destructive personal agendas, are content to bleed the middle class white. They offer fringe solutions to core problems like – energy over consumption, infrastructure decay, and a public education system that is flat out collapsing. This is not going to sustain our way of life for the next generations, and perhaps not even for ours.

I need to help my kids any way I can. I’ve already adopted them and given them a loving home. I can feed them, I can shelter them, and I can educate them, but I cannot will a good job upon them – nor can I guarantee them a future where they need not worry about where the next meal will come from, or how the rent will be paid…not in this country…not the way things are going.

So, I blog.

I started this blog to make average people aware, and make them angry at what is being perpetrated by those power brokers who threaten the very existence of our pluralistic democracy, and most importantly our kids. These people must be held accountable for what they have done and continue to do. The children of the priveledged will never realize economic uncertainty, therefore I must do my small part to ensure that mine will enjoy a similar level of economic security, if I can help it.

Oh, a few quick ground rules.

When commenting, please do not insult the person posting or attack them personally, because you do not agree with them. We all get a bit short at times, and 98% of all comments will be posted, but there’s always a small, yet dedicated segment of people out there who feel the need to be ignorant. Your comments will be deleted, rest assured.

Profanity, within reason, will not be subject to deletion.

I also ask that you please post factual material that can be verified, and if you are going to debate a post or comment, try to stay on topic. Any comments that ‘wander’ in 83 different directions will be deleted.  

Power to the people.   

By the way, aren’t my little boys cute?

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7 responses to “About


    please tell me more.
    why isn’t congress acting on this …if it works

  2. Robert,

    You mean the hydrogen pump??? If you do, please link to the story and we’ll chat there.

  3. You mean to tell me that you had to take graduate studies to realize policy making is filthy and that politicians are greedy? Have you asked for a refund?
    Hi Matt. You going to America’s Fair?

  4. My comment is awaiting moderation?
    WTF? Can I say that on here? lol

  5. Sure you can say that here 🙂 Going to the Fair on Saturday of next week…

  6. Steven

    Oh good. I hope I don’t get permanently banned like I did from http://www.speakupwny.com

  7. Have you considered hiring a web page designer?
    Just askin’.
    “MJ is an embarrassment to RedSox Nation.” – Manny Ramirez

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