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Your Morning Cereal – AIG Donates $1 Million to China Earthquake Relief Effort




American International Group, Inc. (AIG) announced a $1 million donation with the goal of supporting relief and rebuilding efforts following the recent devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck China’s Sichuan Province. AIG also announced that it would match all employee contributions to the AIG Disaster Relief Fund.


AIG President and CEO Martin J. Sullivan, stated, “AIG is deeply committed to providing financial assistance to our friends in China who have been greatly affected by this devastating natural catastrophe. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Chinese people during this extremely difficult time,” and added, “Our contributions will hopefully help residents of Sichuan Province to begin the process of healing and rebuilding. Through our extensive experience and partnerships in the region, AIG is ready to provide necessary support.”

No doubt, this contribution will help disaster relief personel and supplies hit the ground in a more timely fashion, so those victims of this intense tragedy can begin the long, slow process of rebuilding their communities.

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