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Iran Escalates ‘War-Like’ Rhetoric Over Strait of Hormuz

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohammad Ali Jafari, has issued a warning that Iran could easily cut off a key Persian Gulf shipping route.

Iran’s unofficial state media claims Iran has tested a naval missile capable of destroying any ship within 190 miles.

“The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has recently tested a naval weapon with a 300 km range in which no vessel would be safe and would be sent to the depths…”

Iran is also reporting recent showdowns between US and Iranian ships.

“Enemies know that we are easily able to block the Strait of Hormuz for unlimited period”, Jafari said. “The strait and vessels are in range of our various weapons.”

“In view of the proximity of the Strait of Hormuz … to our shores, this distance is within the range of an assortment of weapons and its closure for us is very feasible and we face no limitations from the point of view of time,” he said.

Foreign policy analysts say such sabre rattling may be overstated given the Iranian claims surrounding a recent missile test were later revealed to be overstated.

Read the full article at RawStory

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U.S. Army Threatens Kids with ‘Jail’ for not Enlisting

Army recruiter Sgt. Glenn Marquette, has been lying to high school students about their obligations under a non-binding military “delayed entry program.” Worse yet, he has been threatening them with jail if they don’t follow through and enlist when the students are under no obligation to do so.

Eighteen year old high school senior Irving Gonzales told KHOU 11 News in Houston that he thought about enlisting in the Army as a way of helping out his family financially, so he signed up for the “delayed entry program.” The rules of the program are specific. Anyone who signs up for the program is in no way obligated to follow through and enlist. It’s like pre-season football sort of.

But when Gonzales told U.S. Army recruiter, Glenn Marquette, that he’d changed his mind and would, “…just stay here, go to college,” Marquette informed him he couldn’t get out because “you signed a binding contract.”

U.S. Army recruiting regulations state that “delayed entry members can leave any time” and “under no circumstances can a recruiter threaten or intimidate future soldiers,” much like Marquette did.

In an audio recording played by KHOU News in Houston, Gonzales asked, “What if I just don’t show up?”

Marquette replied flatly, “Then guess what? You’re AWOL. … You want to go to school? You will not get no loans (nice grammar)… As soon as you get pulled over for a speeding ticket … they’re going to see that you’re a deserter. Then they’re going to apprehend you, take you to jail.”

Marquette added, “All that lovey dovey I want to go to college and all that? Guess what? You just threw it out the window.”


Marquette refused to be interviewed and has not responded to Capitol Street’s request for comment via e-mail. 

The Army says that making threats as Marquette did, is a violation of recruting regulations and that he has been removed from his duties. 

This is the second time in the past year that KHOU News  has uncovered such behavior by U.S. Army recruiters. The last officer involved in that earlier incident was even promoted to station commander, responsible for training and supervising other recruiters.

And so it goes.

Remember kiddies, there are a few simple rules in life. One is, the house always wins. The other , is that recruiters always lie…always. Besides, you don’t have to enlist to lose your retirement and get screwed out of your benefits, just go to work for any American company and wait a while. At least you won’t be getting shot at in Iraq.

End of the lesson.

Link to KHOU story here

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Mid Day Discussion – David and Goliath, Iran is Defiant

Iran has launched several “test missiles” and shelled Northern Iraq in response to recent sabre rattling by the U.S. and Israel. Iran has also indicated that their “finger is on the trigger” if they are attacked by Israel or the U.S. Do you think the U.S. and/or Israel will be involved with Iran in warfare by the end of this year? 

Link to CNN story here

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House Passes New War Funding Bill as Democrats Cave Once Again

The latest Iraq war funding bill passed the House on Thursday, along with historic increases in college aid for returning troops and help for the unemployed, and Midwestern flood victims.

Pro-war Republicans with their Democratic counterparts in a 268-155 vote that provides $162 billion to fund U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan well into next year.

The White House issued a statement supporting the legislation:

The measure provides $2.7 billion infusion of emergency flood relief for the Midwest. The bill would provide the total to more than $650 billion – the amount provided by Congress for the war in Iraq since it started five years ago. Nearly $200 billion in additional funding has gone to operations in Afghanistan.

It also would give Bush’s successor several months to set Iraq policy after taking office in January.

“The way it’s been set up now, whoever … is president will have a few months to think through how we are going to extricate ourselves,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey.

Congressional business as usual. Just thought you might want to know where your tax money is going.

Read full story here

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Can You Say ‘Stag-flation’?

You remember the 70’s don’t you? Those were the great old days gone by of gas lines and food shortages.

It brings a tear to my eye.

I have fond memories of my dad being out of work for 20 months at a crack, as we survived on a meager unemployment check, while my mother was forced to stand in line at the city hall, in the freezing cold, for food stamps. I was 7 years old.

Yeah, those were the days weren’t they?

Well, for all of you economic martyrs out there who still think “W” has all the answers, and enjoy financial suffering as much as I do…get ready for part two! Only this time, we have no manufacturing base to fall back on, no savings, record revolving debt, and we’re relying more on foreign capital to drive our economy more than ever before. Sprinkle in a shit-bag mess of a war that has cost hundreds of millions, and you have the making of a stagflation my friends – the likes of which we haven’t seen in thirty years.

The signs are all there – record high employment figures released today, 1 million homes in foreclosure, the U.S. Treasury Secretary trolling in foreign countries for investors, and the Dow sliding almost 400 points for a record 3.1% single day correction.

By the way, in case you are wondering, and I know you are, stagflation is when you experience a recession and inflation at the same time.

Oh goody!!!

I’d like to thank all of the neo-cons out there, especially our President and his ‘advisors’, who managed to take Bill Clinton’s economic Cadillac and turn it into a 1979, brown Ford Pinto, with a green door and loud exhaust.

You gotta give Bush credit. It is damn tough to pull off simultaneous negative growth and skyrocketing prices after inheriting a balanced budget that was paying down the national debt, but hey – he did a hell of a job didn’t he?!

I’m waiting for the wheels to fall off anytime now.

Come to think of it, maybe they already have.   

P.S. I’d also like send a shout out to my Democratic Congress for being ‘all show’ and ‘no go’ as they continue to do absolutely nothing of significance as well. Good show folks. So much for the ‘change candidates.’

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